Forgot one thing I wanted to quote from the article about the false rape charge:

[Nassau DA Kathleen] Rice said Ndonye could be charged for filing a false report.

“She is a very troubled young woman in need of much help,” she said.

No. She is not troubled, she is a bad person. She is a liar and has no morals.

She does not need help, she needs punishment. I hope she spends some time in jail for trying to ruin these young men’s lives.

This is why women should never be allowed to wield any authority. Their reaction to criminal behavior is to “tend and befriend”, which is why they offer “help” to evil people. The day Saddam Hussein was executed, I heard some bimbo saying, “I never thought about him much before, but I feel so sorry for him!” How much pity do you think she had for the thousands of people he and his sons murdered, tortured, maimed, and raped? I’m guessing none.


7 Responses to “P.S.”

  1. Carl Says:

    The whole tending and befriending thing that is common amongst our courts these days reminds me again of Kohlberg's stages of moral development. Specifically the possible answers to the Heinz dilemma.

    Note how it's not the outcome but the reasoning that matters.

    For a society obsessed with "human rights" it strikes me that the reasoning behind so many things today is more in line with stages 1-3. This is why it fucks up so often and the [women in the] justice system can't even realise that something has gone wrong and acts insulted when they're dragged on to the news to explain why some murderer has murdered again.

    Check the discussion page on the wikipedia article for a funny modern update and a dumb comment from some holier than thou leftie who fails economics and manages to fall into stage 3 (?) without realising.

    I remember a recent study that asked young children (I seem to remember 7-10 years old or so) a simplified Heinz dilemma ("a man has stolen medicine for his wife, should he go to prison?") and the boys mostly said "yes" and the girls "no". I can't find it now though and googling only brings back studies about whether boys or girls are more likely to be for "care" or for "justice". Is not breaking it down to care vs justice missing the point entirely? It's not the outcome that matters…

  2. globalman100 Says:

    ""She is a very troubled young woman in need of much help," she said."
    FM, women are ALWAYS the victims. Us men know this. I have hear many tales equivalent of:

    Man: She bit my finger!
    Cop: Well why did you have your finger in her mouth then?

    My wife threw a carving knife at me and her mother blamed me for 'upsetting' her and didn't speak to me for 5 years for 'upsetting her baby' who was 33 at the time. Women are crap now. All us older men know it.

    FM, if you want to make a difference I would suggest you get into the public places like newspaper blogs and start telling the men to 'wake the fuck up' and calling women out for the bitches that they are. Then, when they censor you make noise about how they guvment even censors WOMEN who speak out against women and ask WHY THE CENSORSHIP??

    The only way we are going to stop the NWO is for enough MEN to wake up. Wanna help me wake some up? Come here http://blogs.smh.com.au/lifestyle/asksam/

  3. Scott Freitas Says:

    Disturbing story. Bet the chick comes from a fatherless family, too. Statistically, this is about 70% likely, since LBJ's "welfare" programs–combined with the negative effects of societal feminism–have almost completely decimated the nuclear family within the African-American community. African-Americans are currently the most matriarchal ethnic group in existence; EVERYTHING revolves around "mom", for the most part. And the damage this does to their young men is both predictable and tragic.

    On a lighter note, I got quite a good belly-laugh out of that link which took me to Roissy's happy-go-lucky blog {coughs}.

    After many dire warnings to his readers to be sure and use a condom while fornicating, AND to dispose of it themselves (overall, the life of a pickup artist sounds about as appealing to me as that of a male preying mantis), one of his readers teasingly posted:

    " I sort of hope some chick does catch Roissy’s swimmers with their pants down.

    Wouldn’t that be fun to watch?

    Aw, Roissy’s gonna be a daddy! Fifty bucks says it’s a girl."

    I chuckled again, just re-reading that. Yes, it probably WOULD be a girl, too… 😉

  4. Brian Says:

    So so glad to be gay after reading this stuff!

  5. Female Misogynist Says:

    Carl, I've read about that. Women consistently score lower on moral development than men. Naturally, some feminist tried to argue that female morals are just "different" rather than worse.

    Scott, you're probably right. It's terrible that black Americans, who were already at high risk, are the ones most targeted and harmed by feminist crusades.

  6. globalman100 Says:

    Brian, I know guys who WISH they could make themselves gay!!

    They have been shit on by women so many times but they still have this inherent desire for them. Poor bastards. I tell them to move to Russia. I love women and haven't had a gay thought in my life…..I'm so glad I have a good supply of easy women….If I lived in the US I'd probably also do a Sodoni.

  7. globalman100 Says:

    "After many dire warnings to his readers to be sure and use a condom while fornicating"
    Only way to be SURE is to get the snip…in case anyone is wonder…it's no big deal.

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