Links: How Women Behave

A few days ago, I got a furious comment from a feminist. After demonstrating her utter lack of basic reading comprehension and dutifully reciting the usual historically inaccurate bull about how feminism has done all kinds of wonderful things for me, she demanded to know how on earth a lesbian could possibly be a misogynist.

Here’s a few clues:

Rich men are better lovers: Women have more orgasms, better sex with wealthy men

Recession: When the money goes, so does the toxic wife
As the recession worsens, a lot of rich men are finding their gold-digging wives are taking to their heels

‘You loser!” screamed Katie, aiming a vase at her husband. “You’ve destroyed my life,” she continued, hurling it. “Just look at my hair, look at my nails! You loser, you jerk, you nobody.”

Katie’s husband, Jack, whose property portfolio disintegrated in the financial crash, had just told his wife that she would have to cut back on her thrice-weekly visits to Nicky Clarke, the nail salon in Harvey Nichols, and the oxygen facials, chemical peels and seaweed wraps at Space NK.

Not only that, but they no longer had the money to pay for an army of bullied Eastern Europeans to wait on her hand and foot.

Worse was to come – the brow-lift would have to be cancelled; her black Amex card would have to be snipped in half; and there was no way, he told her, that he could carry on spending £28,000 a year on Henry’s school fees at Eton.

Chloe, too, would have to leave the marginally cheaper (only £25,000 pa) Wycombe Abbey immediately.

Such was the aggression and verbal and physical abuse that followed that Jack was left with cut lips and blood streaming from a broken nose.

Their eight-year-old child, not yet at boarding school, sat cowering in a corner and dialling 999. When they arrived, they had to restrain Katie forcibly from attacking her husband.

Usually when feminist teachers rape their students, it’s boys, but not always:

Music teacher Helen Goddard jailed for lesbian affair with pupil

A music teacher who had a lesbian affair with a 15-year-old pupil will be allowed to continue to see the girl after she is released from jail.

Despite the parents’ fears that Helen Goddard, 26, will try to rekindle her relationship with their daughter, a judge rejected a prosecution request to ban the teacher from seeing the girl for five years.

Police: Mom strangles newborn

CHEYENNE — A Riverton mother of three young children is being held on a charge of first-degree murder for allegedly strangling her newborn baby shortly after giving birth.

A Fremont County circuit court judge set bail at $500,000 on Friday for 21-year-old Lorene Quist Gines. The judge scheduled a preliminary hearing for Thursday.


5 Responses to “Links: How Women Behave”

  1. globalman100 Says:

    Oh yeah, I loved the one about the 26 year old female teacher raping a 15 year old student….oh..but they are so in 'love'.

    Hhhhmmm…..turn the genders around? He'd be looking at 10-15 and the chances of him seeing that girl after he got out would be zero.


  2. Novaseeker Says:

    The thing is I honestly think that the reason why more lesbians do not (openly) think like you do is that they have been brainwashed by the feminist establishment. It's perfectly natural for masculine lesbians to feel similarly about women as many men do, because they are also dealing with women romantically as men do, and that's where the problems are at their worst.

    The real problem is the huge influence feminism has over the lesbian community. It's also very strong in the gay male community, but still much less than in the lesbian community.

  3. Jonna Says:

    If you are referring to me, as the one who was furious, that's your fantasy. I had questions. You had NO answers. I was not utterly amazed how a lesbian could be a misogynist, I was amazed a woman was calling herself that–to be a lesbian simply added to the idiocy. And while every woman in your June Cleaver Utopian society is happily ironing shirts–what are YOU going to do? That's the question I have asked repeatedly. And when you say that feminists of the past have done nothing for you—unless it's make your life worse—how do you suppose you would be able to run your belligerent mouth for all the world to see? So keep up your propaganda , I hope all the boys clubs vote you as a number one supporter– too bad you can't join *squish squish*

  4. Female Misogynist Says:

    Jonna, congratulations. You're even stupider than most feminists.

    Given that your lack of reading comprehension is such that you even believe that you yourself said completely different things from what you actually did, I doubt it would do any good if you read some real history books, as opposed to lying feminist herstory books. But get a man to show you how to find Wikipedia and look up "Constitutional Congress". Amazingly, there it was a bunch of MEN who guaranteed my right to run my belligerent mouth. There were no raving feminist hysterics even on the scene to try to take credit for this.

    Feminists have never done even one good thing. They never utter anything that is not a bald-faced lie. They have caused millions of murders and rapes of women, as well as stripped men and women alike of many of the rights and freedoms we had before those cunts started their self-seeking power grab. And brainless twits like you are their dupes.

  5. Female Misogynist Says:


    I know that some butch lesbians do think how I do. No, wait, more that they *feel* the way I do; I doubt most of them have thought out theories and sought out supporting facts to go with their impulses. But very occasionally, I'll hear some dyke admit to some very masculine feelings towards feminine women. Mostly they won't admit it, though, because it's quite obviously taboo.

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