I couldn’t make this stuff up.

Abortion addict admits to 15 abortions in 16 years

Irene Vilar, an Hispanic author, describes the 15 abortions she has had as a married woman in her new book to be released next month.

…In her upcoming book, Impossible Motherhood: Testimony of an Abortion Addict, she describes herself as an abortion addict who had 15 abortions as a married woman.

Vilar, a mother of two, describes her multiple abortions as a means of self-injury to cope from previous abortions.

Killing another person is not “self-injury”. Unless you want to say that George Sodini shot those women as “a means of self-injury”.

She had her children from 17th and 18th pregnancies. Vilar says she will be conducting closed-door interviews and will not do a book tour fearing a public backlash.

Imagine that.

However, doctors consider Vilar incredibly lucky to have children after 15 abortions. According to the physicians, women who have had multiple abortions can have cervical damage which can cause problems in future pregnancies.

Advocates of baby-killing become furious when doctors mention such facts. They want women to believe they can have a dozen abortions with no physical or psychological consequences. They can’t.


2 Responses to “I couldn’t make this stuff up.”

  1. John Says:

    f*cking evil

  2. Scott Freitas Says:

    Logically, the women is a mass-murderer who is now getting rich off writing a tell-all book about her crimes.

    Percentage of her book buyers who will be female: 98.7% or thereabouts.

    God, do I feel sorry for her children. Wait'll they someday understand what their "mommy" did…

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