Even I wouldn’t have expected this from a woman.

Police: Michigan Mom Found Long-Lost Son Online, Raped Him

Michigan police say a 35-year-old mother used the Internet to track down the son she gave up for adoption a decade ago, seducing and raping the teenage boy when she found him after an online search.

Aimee Louise Sword of Waterford Township, near Detroit, was arraigned this week on three charges of criminal sexual conduct for the alleged rape of her biological son, whom she put up for adoption more than 10 years ago, MyFOXDetroit reported.

I predict that this will start happening regularly.


7 Responses to “Even I wouldn’t have expected this from a woman.”

  1. Prime Says:

    It takes a lot to shock me, but damn. And this woman was incredibly hot.

  2. MikeT Says:

    You may be interested in this follow up. Hopefully the facts will come out (we both know they usually don't in rape cases of any type). However, it looks like no one but the police is taking the kid's accusation seriously.

  3. Robert Says:

    Regularly? I doubt it, frankly there almost has to be some sort of serious mental issues present in that one.

    Women do have a much more complicated, even convoluted, sexuality than men do, which of course has led to all sorts of female misunderstandings about the nature of men. But I know of no woman who thinks to track down an adopted son for sex.

  4. Welmer Says:

    What a find! But you didn't post this on The Spearhead?

    Looks like I'll have to use it…


  5. Marquis Says:

    kinda like trying to point out to the chicks scamming for drinks at the bar are actually empty inside and will sleep quietly while tears stream onto their pillows after the bar closes…..it will fall on deaf ears, no matter how true.

  6. Female Misogynist Says:


    My pessimistic prediction is based on the now commonplace phenomenon of teachers raping their male students. Remember when Mary Kay LeTourneau was first arrested? Everybody was amazed at the idea that a grown woman would be interested in molesting a preteen boy. Now, we read about it all the time.

    Right now, everyone's amazed at this woman's behavior. But given past precedent, she might well have started a trend.

  7. Robert Says:

    Some truth to that mys…but not enough I think to predict a trend. The urge to rut with a teenage boy is probably more common than people yet like to admit of course…but that is still a long way to rutting within one's own bloodline with deliberate forethought. Marie Antoinette was accused of the same thing once, and was recorded as having said, "I plead with all the mothers in this room, to ask themselves if this can be true." It was the only time she got much sympathy before she quite literally lost her head.

    I'll freely state, and happily at that, that women by and large, are better off with men in charge providing a rock of stability in morals & management…but even the most radical brain dead brain washed male hating psycho…is not likely to rush to say that incest is best. Accuse the boy of raping her? Sure. Accuse the boy of seducing her? Sure. Accuse the boy of using his superior strength or social standing as a male to manipulate his defenseless loving and heartbroken mother into rutting with him? Sure. But suggesting incest is a positive thing would go to far even for they. It would probably be the straw that broke the camel's back too, if things did go that far.

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