Housekeeping Post

After all, I believe that women should be housekeepers!

So, Roissy has echoed my recommendation that men film their sexual encounters to protect themselves from false rape accusations later. I wouldn’t be surprised if plenty of men who read neither Roissy’s blog nor mine noted that event and independently drew the same conclusion. Behold, the achievement of feminism: making women such untrustworthy backstabbers that men will not consort with them without the insurance of hard proof against the lies they expect women to tell.

Also: I’ve decided not to approve flame comments from feminists anymore, unless maybe I get one that’s especially amusing. It encourages them and wastes my time. I’m here to discuss matters with men who have freed themselves from feminist indoctrination, not to teach History 101 to silly females (or silly manginas). When their first two sentences prove that they’re idiots, I’m not going to go to their own blogs and read their rants about how terrible I am. Besides which, feminists – no, that’s not quite fair; liberals in general, of which feminists are a subgroup, have an incredible sense of entitlement. They have never bothered to acquaint themselves with the literature or history of the past five centuries, but expect me to summarize centuries of history – and recap points I have already made many times – to disprove their ludicrous assertions. I don’t have time to do what their high school history teachers couldn’t be bothered to do. I educated myself by reading a lot of very thick books. My trolls will have to do the same if they want to know what I’m talking about. I’ve even given them a handy start by linking piles of articles, essays and books in my sidebars that chronicle the particular aspect of history that concerns this blog.

My most recent trollette clearly doesn’t even know about the hate speech laws which now govern almost every Western nation, America being one of the few remaining exceptions. She doesn’t know what’s going on now, let alone what’s been going on for the last half millenium. Do I need to list truckloads of female authors, orators and activists from the past several centuries to prove to you men that it was not feminism that got women freedom of speech? No, because you’ve taken the trouble to study history on your own. I’ve had men dispute some of the details of my historical assertions, and they always provide specifics and often references. Women just recite rhetoric they got from some women’s magazine. They expect me to do all the work for them. Which is pretty much what evolution designed women to do: get others to work for them.

In addition, feminists have a really amazing all-or-nothing mentality. I say, “Women should not be allowed to use affirmative action or sex discrimination lawsuits to force their way into jobs they can’t do.” They hear, “It should be illegal for women to have any jobs whatsoever, plus their husbands should be allowed to beat them constantly.” Then again, feminists are a breed of liberal and liberals are the people whose brains transform “Willie Horton was a murderer and rapist and should be in prison” into “All black men are monsters! Put a white pillowcase on your head and let’s kill ’em all!”

So, yeah. Not worth my time. I told my most recent troll to provide names and dates supporting her claim that before feminism, women didn’t have freedom of speech if she wants another comment approved. I should have also demanded that she explain how Sojourner Truth, Carry Nation, Mary Wollstonecraft, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Abby Kelley Foster, Madame de Stael, Renee Vivien, Radclyffe Hall, Rebecca Protten, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Mary Baker Eddy, Mary Hunt, Elizabeth D. Golek, and many others could exist since they lived pre-feminism and therefore weren’t allowed to write or speak their minds.

Gosh, look at how many impressive women I can list. (I certainly don’t approve of everything all these women did, but the point is, they had things to say and they said them. And they weren’t even all privileged upper-class women.) I had to do some googling to find Rebecca Protten’s last name, but the rest I knew off the top of my head. I’ve noted before that some of the male chauvinist books I’ve reviewed give more credit to women who’ve made real accomplishments than do most feminist authors, who are more interested in whining about how downtrodden women are.


8 Responses to “Housekeeping Post”

  1. Avenger Says:

    You should absolutely ban comments from feminists and trolls.Why should you waste time and space on people who just want to disrupt a blog or who want to push their agenda. They have the entire media to do that.Men never have a chance to publish anything on newspaper blogs because the females complain about any comment they don't like and it gets deleted or his account is banned from posting. So let's concentrate on tactics to destroy feminism and stop these females from having a forum.

  2. Grim Says:

    I'm not real big on stopping stupid comments as seeing such absurdities can be a service to the community. But it's your blog, your rules, and your time.

    I find your blog immensely interesting and I will continue to read it.

    If you can find time could you please do a post on lesbianism in general? I have dated a few bi-girls who had tons of crazy stories to tell but that's not real info. In general most lesbians I have known have been so anti male that I generally try to avoid such people. So I really don't know much about it.

    Please forgive my poor writing skills, I have a mild form of Aspergers that makes writing difficult and I often come across as a bit of a retard.

  3. dougjn Says:

    Love your blog.

    I'd encourage you to limit your ban of feminists to as you say the lazy and idiotic ones. The ones who attempt to make real arguments, even when they're rather elementary ones from your point of view, are I think worth engaging for the edification of other female readers and the more open minded male PC types.

  4. Fidel Says:


    I also love your blog.
    Come on, leave the stupid and dull feminist's comments in. We all want to have a laugh.
    But, as Grim says, "your blog, your rules."

    For the first time ever, I'm going to say this in a non-sarcastic way : "You go, girl !!"

  5. MikeT Says:

    WRT your first point, this would be a great suggestion for most men. It's affordable and discrete.

  6. Female Misogynist Says:

    *giggle* Thanks, Fidel!

  7. Female Misogynist Says:

    MikeT, thanks for the link!

  8. globalman100 Says:

    "My most recent trollette clearly doesn't even know about the hate speech laws"
    FM, you don't have any hate speech laws. You have hate speech statutes. Do you know the difference between a statute and a law? It's about time we started telling people that we don't have lawyers, we have 'statuters', and we don't have 'laws' we have 'statutes and legislation'. And you do not have to obey any statute or any legislation. They only gain the 'force of law' by consent.

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