Don’t donate sperm

Via the Elusive Wapiti:

Mass. court won’t rule on sperm donor ID lawsuit

A Massachusetts woman hit a legal roadblock Wednesday in her quest to learn her sperm donor’s identity so she can seek child support and get medical information to help treat an inherited condition she says her twin daughters have.

This is the kind of thing that convinces me that women are morally inferior to men. She entered into the contract, which was that all she got from this anonymous man was his sperm. Now that she wants money, she’s trying to rope her hapless benefactor into paying her bills for her.

“If the woman in this case were to prevail, it would make it much, much harder for families who have fertility issues, or for single women or for same-sex couples to have children,” Kauffman said.

You don’t say.

Guys, just like I advise you not to get married, and not to have sex without filming it, and to dispose of your condoms yourself, I’m adding this: DON’T BE A SPERM DONOR. You may end up financially supporting the bastards thus spawned – though you shouldn’t be expected to be allowed to raise them.

Sperm donor liable for child support, judge rules

Family Court Judge Ellen Greenberg

ELLEN? See, this is what happens when women are allowed to play judge.

I just Googled “sperm donor sued for child support” and got 68,900 hits. This is not a rare phenomenon. Guys, do not let any female get her hands on your semen.

As Roger Devlin said, “A man must insist on nothing less than a legally binding promise to love, honor, and obey him before ‘consenting’ to give a woman a baby.”

With the legal system aiding and abetting female irrationality, I could probably be hit with a paternity suit.


4 Responses to “Don’t donate sperm”

  1. globalman100 Says:

    Yep…there have been some newspaper articles 'shaming men' for not donating enough sperm for the 'poor wimmin'….gee..I wonder why?

    In the UK there have even been some gay guys hit up for child support by lesbian women they donated sperm to….

  2. globalman100 Says:

    Just in case you missed this one:

  3. kmg Says:

    I donated a few years ago. Donated a lot, in fact, and have about 10 kids (by my estimation).

    I have never been sued or anything. I don't think it will happen, because I could sue to sperm bank (which is part of a larger hospital, and would settle for millions).

    But I agree that women judges will shamelessly try to extract money from sperm donors (who HAVE a lot of money, given they are selected based on high-IQ, professional success, etc.).

    But it won't get headway. Scaring away sperm donors will hurt coutless other women, so they will prevent a woman from spoiling their fun.

  4. globalman100 Says:

    "I don't think it will happen, because I could sue to sperm bank"

    Actually, no, you couldn't. Once you hire a lawyer you waive all rights and they can do with you as they please. It is called the 'criminal just-us system' for a reason. They are criminals and it is just for them.

    There is no justice in any court any more. Putting any faith in the courts and legal system is a mistake.

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