More breastfeeding women insanity

Aussie made to work overtime for every minute spent breastfeeding baby

She was also told to record the time spent expressing milk at work on her timesheet, and was refused a private room and had to feed her child using either an unlockable and “unclean” interview room, where she was continuously interrupted by police officers, or a toilet cubicle.

Eventually she had no choice but to express milk in her car in the carpark, but because of her “great embarrassment” she drove home and fed the baby.

When she returned she was made to work for the time she had been gone.

The Public Service Association claimed yesterday the woman was one of thousands of new mothers in the public service who were being denied proper facilities for breastfeeding in violation of the Government’s own policy.

Women expected to actually do their jobs if they want to get paid. Oh, the injustice!

If you have a baby young enough that you need to “express” milk, YOU BELONG AT HOME TAKING CARE OF IT.


6 Responses to “More breastfeeding women insanity”

  1. globalman100 Says:

    This is just a part of the Illuiminati bringing the hammer down on women as it has done men. On some mens rights groups there are celebrations going on that some women are now getting shafted or being made accountable for crimes. While that is good, it is no reason for celebration….it means the bad guys are moving forward with their plans….which can not be a good thing. They have to oppress us all…and now they are starting on the women, well, that means they are moving forward.

    Right now they are 'testing' to see how many men stand up for women when these things happen to them. In the UK we are seeing cases of women being beaten by police. I have seen at least one allegation of a woman being pushed around so badly she had a mis-carriage. Guess what? No-one cares. Just like no-one cared about all the men who have been abused.

    My reading of the tea leaves? It's all bad.

  2. Renee Says:

    My thing is, some women can't afford or don't have the luxury of taking time off work and staying home with the baby. Depending on the job, it may be impossible.

    I agree that it makes sense that she make up for the time lost though.

    But it would be nice if there was a place on the job where a woman can privately express milk, although I admit I don't really see the big deal in doing it in your car.

  3. globalman100 Says:

    the reason women 'cant afford' to take time off work to be with baby is that they were duped (by men) into the foolishness that the 'home is a comfortable concentration camp' and brainwashed into the idea that a 'career' is somehow 'better' than raising a baby. Hence, the mass influx of women into the workforce has eroded the ability of a man on a single income to support a family. It's all because women are so easily brainwashed. They have almost zero ability to think for themselves.

    40-50 years ago men of my Dads generation could expect to be able to raise a family as a clerk at the local council plus a bar job at night….or as a bricklayer, or plumber, or builder, or car mechanic, butcher, baker….whatever. A man with a trade could raise a family on that one wage. My exs father was a baker and still managed to raise 5 kids on that one salary.

    Men of my generation? Hell, in Australia (ten years ago) I was making $A200K a year and STILL not able to move forward very fast. I was telling a guy in a bar last night that my disposable income out of $A200K gross was about $A60K. The rest was taken off me one way or another by the guvment. When a man in the top 3 in his profession in a country of 21M people stuggles to make ends meet you know there is something seriously wrong.

    Young men now? There is almost NO chance a young man in his 20s can support a family on one income now. It's almost impossible. The Illuminati want to control the children and they did it by brainwashing women into 'careers' so they could capture the minds of the few children who are being born.

    I defy ANY women to say that their baby is less important than their career…but that is what they do.

  4. Renee Says:

    I defy ANY women to say that their baby is less important than their career…but that is what they do.

    But what about men who have that mindset?

    A woman can work part-time outside the home and not have the mindset of putting her child second. Not even God intended for women with children to ONLY be stay-at-home mothers. As long as it doesn't COMPLETELY overtake their motherly roles. At the same time, like I asked, what about fathers who put work before family? Aren't fathers important in child-rearing too?

    Mothers should be free to venture into their interests and passion. Their identity isn't only as mothers and/or wives.

    Based on the fact that you think that ONLY women can't think for themselves and your comments over on Youtube under one of pinegrove's videos (yes I remember you), it's rather pointless in debating with you.

  5. globalman100 Says:

    with every post you demonstrate your lack of intelligence.

    "But what about men who have that mindset?"

    I have never met a man who has said his career is more important than his child. Not one. EVER. Men go out to work for the love of their wife and children, not for the love of work. Women are brainwashed to believe 'work' is some glamorous thing that men do and men are having all the fun. Really? Try being a soldier, a coal miner, a steel worker, an oil man, a deep sea fisherman, a fireman, a policeman. You think these guys so these jobs because they are FUN? Because they put these jobs in front of their kids? That is how stupid you and other women are. You actually believe that crap.

    They do it as a sacrifice to provide for their wife and children because 'somebody has to'. And most men would prefer to see their children raised by their mothers and safe at home. I certainly did. I would not mind my ex not working if she lived inside our means.

    "Aren't fathers important in child-rearing too?"
    Another stupid question. Anyone who has had a father knows how important they are. Go read any survey about how important fathers are. Stop asking stupid questions that clearly indicate you merely want to waste a mans time and effort and act as an attention whore. You don't want to 'understand'. You are just an attention whore.

    "It's rather pointless in debating with you."
    Yes, it is. I will not credit you with enough intelligence to be bothered debating with you. I will just expose you as lacking in intelligence and being an attention whore. You are an attention whore across three sites I know about now.

    Now…do something useful….go make a man a sammich..;-)

  6. Male Misogynist Says:

    I think women should not be allowed careers in the first place until they either enter menopause or have a tubal litigation (whichever comes first), and preferably the former because women who had their tubes tied can still menstruate.

    * women would bleed all over the place on a monthly basis
    * women get knocked up and crap little people out of their vaginas
    [That leaves them vulnerable for nearly 8.5 months, and then they have to take care of a little person.]
    * they are more stupid, more emotional, less logical, less rational, less intelligent than men
    * they get PMS (that’s my main reason!)
    * broads on the job distract all the good, hardworking gentlemen
    * they are too busy thinking about what to wear or gossip about their coworkers’ outfits

    And many more reasons! Why are women working all of a sudden? I blame the Jews!

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