Women and IQ

Why Did Europeans Create the Modern World?

According to Swedish Professor Annica Dahlström, an expert in neuroscience, men are found more frequently than women at the extremes of high and low intelligence. Female geniuses exist, but they are much less frequent than male ones. The feminist establishment claims that she has misused her position as a scientist to reinforce “gender stereotypes,” yet as Dahlström says, “The difference between boys and girls, in terms of their biology and brain, is greater than we could ever have imagined.” We can now scan and follow brain activity in real time. Differences between the sexes are clearly recognizable at the age of three, if not before. The centers of the brain dealing with verbal communication, interpretation of facial expressions and body language are more developed in girls even at this early age.

In the USA, Larry Summers, President of the prestigious Harvard University, was forced to resign partly because of a 2005 speech where he suggested that women’s under-representation in the top levels of academia is due to a “different availability of aptitude at the high end.”

Professor Helmuth Nyborg at Aarhus University in Denmark did research which revealed that there are differences between the sexes when it comes to intelligence. This triggered massive resistance from his colleagues. He states that “Within the realms of psychology you are not allowed to talk about intelligence. You cannot measure intelligence and you cannot rank people according to intelligence. The entire field of intelligence is a so-called ‘no-go-area.’“ If you still choose to proceed, you are a bad person.


4 Responses to “Women and IQ”

  1. globalman100 Says:

    "The difference between boys and girls, in terms of their biology and brain, is greater than we could ever have imagined."
    Duh….women are VASTLY different to men…that's why us straight men like them!

    As far as intelligence goes women have the intelligence of boys aged 7-10. And yes, there are some smart boys who are 10. Us men can't have babies either but we don't feel 'disciminated against' because of that. We just accept it. Women can accept their lower levels of intelligence or demonstrate it by trying to argue against men or the, very rare, intelligent woman like FM… 😉

    As for all the IQ tests that put women just a few points below men. How many people know those tests were rigged to eliminate the areas where the differences were far more pronounced? Please. Who makes those tests up? The Illuminati, that's who. And their current agenda is to have women fight a gender war for 'equality' that can never be won because women are not 'equal' to men.

    Men can't have babies so women are clearly superior in that respect. That should be well enough for them to go on with. It was for my mother. As far as reason and logic goes? Well, men don't interfere with women having babies, women can stay out of the world of reason and logic for the same reason. Not physically capable…;-)

  2. MikeT Says:

    Their fear is, no doubt, rooted in the fact that their concept of natural rights is rooted in equality. I brought that point up at work that society has to find a better basis for rights (*cough*Created in the image of God*cough*) than "we're all the same." Obviously, the moment that one group is shown to be meaningfully inferior to another, under this current paradigm its rights will be subverted.

  3. silly girl Says:


    Current IQ test may included items that give women some advantage, however, it is not enough for them to pass the guys. Also, I have read that black women score slightly higher than black men. However both score lower than whites. So if you look at US averages, that will bring the men's mean down a little compared to women.

    Finally the right tail of the curve, where the geniuses are, gets progressively more male as it goes to the right. That is what Larry Summers was referring to.

    Explanation here:


  4. globalman100 Says:

    Woman and IQ….I saw this on MABTW today…it's so funny and so appropriate…it was under 'Woman can not sell cars'…

    A friend of mine was thinking about buying a used Jaguar, but wanted to take it to a mechanic friend at a dealership to get checked out. The car ended up being unacceptable, but did open up this story after the inspection concluded:

    (little hardbody passes through garage)

    FRIEND: "Wow, who was that? Does she work here?"

    MECHANIC: "Yeah, check this out. About a week ago she was worried about her quota, so this guy comes in looking at a Land Rover. Then he tells her he'll buy it if she blows him."

    FRIEND: "So what happened?"

    MECHANIC: "She sucked him off during the test drive. When they got back to the dealership, he said they had a deal and to draw up the papers. While she was doing that, he bailed."

    FRIEND: "That's hilarious, but how did you find out about that?"

    MECHANIC: "She's my cousin."

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