Breaking news: Feminist arguments still lame

Or maybe I should say “Feminist arguments still differently abled”.

Was just over at The Spearhead and read Feminist Rantings For Your Entertainment. It’s all comments from femtards on Spearhead articles, and they’re all pretty much the same: “You will never have sex again unless you paid for it!” Can’t they come up with anything new? Well, yes, they can tell me that if it weren’t for some mysterious feminists they refuse to name, I wouldn’t be allowed to keep a blog.

Oh, wait, they also sometimes accuse the MRAs of having small dicks. It must really frustrate them not to be able to use that favorite of theirs on me.

The first comment quoted in the article accuses the Spearhead contributor, in nauseating terms, of never having had sex. This is a charge I’ve seen levelled against antifeminists before, and it always baffles me, because as anyone who’s read PUA material knows, men who are inexperienced with women generally put women on a pedestal and think of them as innocent angels in need of protection. A lot of PUA material is focused on getting aspiring seducers out of that mindset and seeing women more realistically, as the very flawed beings they are. Only men who see female flaws as they are ever get laid. Yes, the lower your opinion of women, the more likely you are to get them.

My own personal story reflects this. When I first came out of the closet, I considered myself a feminist – though I was sort of a Booker T. Washington feminist, who believed that the idea was that women should strive to make impressive achievements of our own and improve our own lot. Like a lot of the pioneer feminists, I thought that most women had abilities comparable to mine. I didn’t realize then that most women simply don’t have the ability to achieve much.

So before I started dating women, I had a high opinion of them. That lasted about one year. I had dated men and even the worst of them never displayed the kind of viciousness that all my girlfriends showed me. I discovered in short order that women are fickle, deceptive, selfish in a way I had thought confined to toddlers, superficial, irrational, malicious, and just plain childish.

And I’ve had a lot of girlfriends. I kept dating, hoping that the problem was just that I was meeting the wrong women and there were some good ones out there. I didn’t realize then that the only women who don’t act this way are mannish lesbians like myself, and I’m only attracted to femmey women. If I were a man, I would join some very socially conservative religious group, where there are feminine women who are nonevil, but such groups aren’t particularly hospitable to homosexuals.

I can’t even tell you how many women I’ve dated. There were a lot. I was always the one to break it off, with I think one exception. Today’s women are so spoiled by the special privileges feminism has gotten them that they were usually completely astonished that I wouldn’t keep giving them candlelit dinners and jewelry when they were lying to me, cheating on me, consistently standing me up, etc. They just couldn’t believe that anyone would expect the slightest decency from them.

After dating a lot of women, I started to figure out on my own what, unbeknownst to me, guys like Mystery and Ross Jeffries were working down to a science at that very moment. Namely, that being nice to women is a one-way ticket to celibacy. Unfortunately for me, I couldn’t use this knowledge, because what I wanted was a healthy committed relationship, with a woman I could respect as an equal (ha!). I was so disgusted that I eventually gave up and stopped dating at all. I wanted more than getting laid, but modern women just don’t have more than that to offer. (Luckily, in retrospect, I was not then making enough money for that to be a motivation for any woman to hang on to me.)

Perhaps ironically, I then demanded far less of the women I was interested in than I would now if I were still on the market. Back then, I was willing to make allowances for a bit of bad behavior, like showing up late for dates. I had no problem with a woman being career-centric; I respected that. And so on. Nowadays, if I were to consider a serious relationship with a woman, it would have to be clear that her job was just a nuisance to her and that she would quit as soon as we shacked up and devote herself instead to attending to me and the kids.

I’m not very keen on the idea of gay marriage. Considering what heterosexual marriage has become – who the hell would want in on that? But one thing about it appeals to me a lot: the idea of getting a mail order bride.

So, sorry, girls. It’s not unfamiliarity with you that causes misogyny, it’s the reverse. To know you is to despise you.

There was one especially good comment on that Spearhead article, by someone called Z. G.:

What women and femtards do not realize is that by using those sexual shaming insults they create the following logical pathway in many men’s minds:

you can’t get laid, you are a loser, etc => So female sexuality is a reward, as seen by women.

This leads to the observation:

Women, at least for short term sexuality give this reward to the ones least deserving (in men’s eyes); douchebags, criminals, assholes, jerks etc (players and handsome men are not really in this category)

Combining those two:

1. The reward that women dish out by their sexuality has no value if it is dished out to the douchebags&co treating them like shit

2. Any woman who has given the reward to ones not deserving it is a slut, her sexuality has no value as the reward has been given in exchange of no value

2.a. Acknowledging that women are the gatekeepers of sex, making women accountable for almost all the problems we see in the sexual/dating world.

3. If I want reward, easiest way to get it is follow “Men behaving badly”.

So what these women do actually is justifying the slut brand, encouraging men to behave badly, and least but not last nullifying the value of a female as a person, as all the reward a woman can give is sex.

Nothing benefitting women themselves, which actually would have a detrimental effect on women, were it not for the almost infinite support net given by society/state.

Sing it, brother.


One Response to “Breaking news: Feminist arguments still lame”

  1. globalman100 Says:

    "Yes, the lower your opinion of women, the more likely you are to get them."This is so true…the more I speak down to a woman the harder she tries. When I talk them up and tell them how wonderful they are they get all insecure and stop trying."Namely, that being nice to women is a one-way ticket to celibacy."And that even includes wives…sad to say.

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