Catching Up

German doctor kidnapped and dumped before French courthouse

He is accused of raping and murdering his stepdaughter. But who would question her mother’s right to take the girl away from her father, the protector nature provided, and deliver her to a strange man who would have no genetic reason not to see her as a potential sex partner and a strong genetic motivation to kill her to free up resources for his own children? As was established in Roe vs. Wade, a mother’s gina tingle trumps her child’s life! Who cares if the children are murdered, as long as her cunt is wet!

As if to prove my point, the same website had this item:

One in two foster kids sexually abused

More on the nightmare that is modern Sweden: Toys”R”Us scolded for gender discrimination

Last winter, a sixth grade class at Gustavslund school in Växjö in south central Sweden reported Toys”R”Us to the Reklamombudsmannen (Ro), a self-regulatory agency which polices marketing and advertising communications in Sweden to ensure they are in line with guidelines set out by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

According to the youngsters, the Toys”R”Us Christmas catalogue featured “outdated gender roles because boys and girls were shown playing with different types of toys, whereby the boys were portrayed as active and the girls as passive”, according to a statement from Ro.

It’s appalling that the brainwashing is started this early. And of course, Toys R Us is quite right to accurately depict male and female behavior. If I had my way, any business whose advertisements gave the impression that it was acceptable for boys or girls to behave in a nontraditional fashion for their gender would be closed down and all culpable for the ad put in prison for life.

Rejected women sue Swedish university

The women claim they were denied admission into the psychology programme at Lund University in southern Sweden on account of their gender.

Probably they were passed over because they were too stupid for the program. Very few women – less than 10% of all women – are smart enough for college educations not to be wasted on them. But if the university had been discriminating, it would have been completely right to do so. Women need to be discouraged from gumming up the universities and workplaces. These things were created by men and belong to them by rights.

Why won’t criminals reveal all?

Vanessa George has admitted her crimes, but she will not tell the police what they need to hear.

Detectives estimate about 30 children and toddlers were victims of the Plymouth nursery worker, but think there is only a small chance of identifying them from the pictures.

Nursery monster Vanessa George to enjoy life of anonymity at taxpayers’ expense as furious parents call for her ‘to be skinned and rolled in salt’

Teenage mother who stubbed out cigarette on her baby daughter’s back because she was ‘stressed out’ is jailed

I thought about not posting these links for fear of attracting more idiot comments from antisemites, but what the hell, they’ll comment whether I post this or not. So, good news and bad news from Israel. First, the good news:

Court Rules: Husband and Wife are Equally Disbelieved

A significant ruling handed down in the Tel Aviv Magistrates Court last week may herald a new age: No longer is a husband accused of domestic violence considered guilty until proven innocent – and both husband and wife are equally disbelieved….

In the case at hand, after the man was arrested and sat in prison, evidence in his favor was produced, forcing the woman to withdraw her complaint and admit that he had never hit her.

The man did not take his “victory” easily, and sued the State for compensation for having been tried and incarcerated. Judge Shmuel Landman found that, in fact, there had been no cause for indictment and that the man deserves compensation.

Oh, by the way, it’s now a few weeks since I told Jonna that if she wanted another comment approved here, she would have to either 1) give the names of these mysterious feminists to whom she claims I owe my right to keep a blog, or else 2) admit that feminists did not, in fact, do that for me. I haven’t heard a peep from her since. She can’t name these feminists who won freedom of speech for me because they don’t exist, and she’s not honorable enough to admit that she was lying.

Now the bad news: Coming Soon: 26-Week Maternity Leave

Israeli women will soon have the right to take 26 weeks off from work following the birth of a child. The first 14 weeks will be paid for by the National Insurance Institute, while a law will be passed explicitly stating that the NII is not responsible to pay for the final 12 weeks.

The law allowing women to take six months of leave won government support Sunday. The bill was backed by MK Dalia Itzik of Kadima and MK Tzipi Hotovely of Likud.

Itzik said Sunday that winning support for the bill was “the beginning of a revolution in which we will bring Israel closer to the enlightened Western world.”

The proper amount of paid maternity leave is: NONE. A woman with a baby doesn’t have time for a job, she has important work to do at home. And that they would even ask just shows how clueless women are about the nature of the grownup world. They literally do not understand that the reason that men get paid and women, until feminist legislation, usually didn’t, was that MEN WERE DOING THE WORK. Women cannot comprehend that money is given to you in exchange for work. If you don’t work, you don’t deserve any money. See how that works? If you’re female, no, you probably don’t.


4 Responses to “Catching Up”

  1. MikeT Says:

    You know what would make maternity leave interesting? Tax women for it and make it a social program. Apply a 5%-6% special income tax and make it a condition that the woman not receive welfare for at least 1 year before and 1 year after. When women are paying the burden for their "benefit," we'll see how many of them really want it versus quitting their job.

  2. globalman100 Says:

    Mike. I say all men should just learn how to rescind their consent to pay income tax at all and let the women pay it.The women won't be smart enough to deal with the paperwork to rescind their consent properly and you can be sure 'big sista guvment' won't teach them to either.. ;-)Just stop paying income tax. It's only interest being given to the banksters anyway. It's not actually used for social welfare, that comes from other taxes. In the US ALL federal income tax goes back to the banksters.

  3. Male Misogynist Says:

    Very interesting, I agree with some of the points you made, however a few things stand out.

    “As was established in Roe vs. Wade, a mother’s gina tingle trumps her child’s life! Who cares if the children are murdered, as long as her cunt is wet!”

    And what is wrong with Roe vs. Wade? I am no fan of the feminists, but one thing the (modern) feminists DID get right is the abortion issue. (Contrast this with the anti-abortion stance of many of the original feminists.) I am 100% pro-choice, but I do not see it as a feminist issue. In fact, as a man, I dread the thought of some cunt whom I may have knocked up becoming persuaded to have a baby. Gess who has to pay the bill, the father. Would I want to pay child support to some skank I barely know? Fuck no!

    You say, “…a mother’s gina tingle trumps her child’s life…” Newsflash to all you anti-choice religious nuts, a fetus is not a child. The sooner you idiots learn the difference between a baby, a fetus, an embryo, and a zygote, the sooner sensible debate on the issue can take place. You are free to believe that human life “begins at conception” or whatever other nonsense gleaned from you magical sky fairy/man in the sky.

    [Note that Roe v. Wade explicitly guarantees abortions through the FIRST TRIMESTER, i.e. the early stages. A near-viable fetus is a different matter altogether.]

    “If I had my way, any business whose advertisements gave the impression that it was acceptable for boys or girls to behave in a nontraditional fashion for their gender would be closed down and all culpable for the ad put in prison for life.”

    I agree that it is stupid that people would be uspet about advertising that demonstrates boys being boys and girls being girls. I also agree that it is borderline-fascism to pressure an advertiser to pull such advertisement. However, your statement makes you a fascist cunt, and a hypocrite. Advertisement SHOULD “accurately depict male and female behavior” but they should not be FORCED to. Unlike you, I do not commit the fallacy of the excluded middle or hold double standards. But you wouldn’t understand because, well, you’re female!

  4. femalemisogynist Says:

    Male Misogynist, you are free to disregard the clear data gathered by scientists showing that fetuses are, in fact, children. However, until you baby killers acknowledge scientific facts, your arguments in favor of murdering the innocent will remain idiotic.

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