I occasionally tidy my apartment by selling a few things I don’t use anymore on ebay. I’ve heard horror stories about bad buyers, but I’ve had very little trouble. Till now.

This woman emailed me a few times asking really picky questions, most of which were already answered in the listing. She whined that the shipping cost too much and asked if I would leave out the case the item came in to make it $3 cheaper. I said sure.

She had the winning bid, but she immediately emailed saying her “finger slipped” and she had meant to bid $15 less. I make a second chance offer to the runner-up, but he had already bid on a similar item and didn’t need mine.

I told her, which I now regret, that I would let her pay the smaller amount she had *meant* to bid. She then emailed me demanding to know “what I had thought” when her accidentally high bid had shown up.

She paid me over a month later, after not answering any of my emails and ignoring an Unpaid Item dispute. About two days after she paid, she emailed demanding where was it???

And by the way? Her address is in BEVERLY HILLS. I haven’t been to California since I was a kid, so I dunno, maybe there’s a poor area of Beverly Hills. But this dame lives in the Hills and is whining about $3 off postage? And wanting $15 off the bid she put in?

Her email address starts with the word “princess”.


6 Responses to “Princess”

  1. jm_kaye Says:

    "Princess" is a new one, but I'm not too surprised. I'm a longtime eBay seller, and the one thing i dread most is dealing with buyers whose username is some variation of "mom2____" or "____'smom."

  2. John Says:

    FM, you know better than to acquiesce to a woman's demands.

  3. Female Misogynist Says:

    I do. It was very foolish of me.

  4. jm_kaye Says:

    oh yeah, and as far as the Beverly Hills thing goes… I live in West Los Angeles, and the craziest thing I ever saw was a blonde trophy wife-type stealing milk crates from the back of a Trader Joe's and loading them into the trunk of a ROLLS ROYCE.

  5. globalman100 Says:

    FM, I am just wondering…which bit are you surprised at? This all reads as normal to me.I see 'princesses' like this all over the western world.

  6. Female Misogynist Says:

    I'm not surprised at any of this. Just, when I noticed her email address, I couldn't help but be amused. Can't say she didn't warn us!

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