Women do not understand work.

I was saying yesterday that the demands for paid maternity leave show that women have no comprehension of the purpose of work. Women are designed by millions of years of evolution to entrap men into providing for them while they raise their children, and that’s what they do. They see getting the government to force companies to support them while they’re not doing any work as only natural. Imagine a man demanding that his employer pay his salary for months while he wasn’t working.

Women genuinely don’t understand that the money their employer gives them is in exchange for the work they do.

This is a big part of why women vote for socialist programs. (I’ve had that link in my sidebar for a while, but regular commenter Silly Girl recently gave it to me again.)

It’s on my mind because I was just on the phone with my mother. My maternal grandfather built his own company, made it by the sweat of his brow. I refuse to give credit for the things I have to imaginary feminist heroines; most of what I have, I owe to my grandfathers, who both worked their butts off.

It’s a small company, but it provided well for us. When Granddad was too old to keep running it, his only son took it over. My uncle ran it for several years after my grandfather died, until he himself died; he was too young to die, but he developed a major illness and lost his fight with it.

My uncle was married to an idiot woman who drives me up the wall. She is a flaming pinko. She worships Obama. She adored Clinton. She hates America and never hesitates to say so, though oddly enough she’s still here. And she worked, until her recent retirement, at a modestly paying government job. Meanwhile, the money my uncle made running his father’s company paid for her to travel to Europe every summer and decorate the house with piles of expensive knick-knacks. You wouldn’t believe some of the expensive crap she bought. She can’t cook at all, so they ate out literally every night. I was at her house a couple of years ago and she showed me the new bed she had bought. She told me how much it had cost, which was several thousand dollars, and then justified it by saying that she had been lusting after it for over a year and then one day discovered that it was on sale.

I didn’t find this out until fairly recently, because the younger generation is often kept out of this kind of dirty family laundry, but when my uncle was alive, he frequently had to borrow money from his father to make ends meet because of her extravagance. This was horribly humiliating to him and apparently he regularly told her to stop doing it, but to no avail.

For years their votes cancelled each other out. He would vote Republican – for the party that at least tries to preserve some capitalism and property rights – and she would vote Democrat. In other words, all those years she was voting against the freedom that made the luxury she lived in possible.

You’re probably wondering why he put up with it. He loved her. I don’t know why, but the heart has its own reasons. She wasn’t a very good wife, but he loved her anyway. This is why I’m always cordial to her even though I can’t stand her, out of respect for his memory.

Well, now that the Democrat socialist programs she spent all those years voting for have finally succeeded in destroying the economy, my grandfather’s company is dwindling away. There’s very little business, so she’s not getting much money out of it. Some of the employees had to be laid off. It’s only a matter of time before it has to be closed down.

She’s really dumb, so I’m sure she has zero comprehension that it’s her own crowd that have brought this about.

My uncle’s death hit us all really hard. He was a prince among men, and he was much too young to die. (I wish I could have given him my health.)

But my mother was just saying that she’s glad that he died before their father’s company went downhill like this. After all those years of work, for him or my grandfather to see this happen would have been terrible for them.

And my aunt, a civil service parasite who never did a lick of productive work in her life, couldn’t possibly understand what it would mean to them. Yet, she and millions like her were allowed a say in the policies which are now destroying what so many men like my grandfather and uncle worked so hard for so long to build.

In simple decency to men, we can’t allow women the privilege of voting for people who will destroy their life’s work. Even women they love.


3 Responses to “Women do not understand work.”

  1. globalman100 Says:

    LOL! I was married to your aunt…well…at least a version of her! I too run my own business. When my step-son had cancer it was a terrible 6 months. We burned all our cash, had to borrow a bit, and I worked through it to provide money. When my wife and kids came back to Ireland I went to visit and she was in terrible shape which was understandable. So I said her and the kids should go to sweden for a long summer vacation and just relax and get over the ordeal. Me? I worked 47 days in a row (I mean weekends) some times 36 hour 'days' etc to earn money to pump up the finances again. I will never forget my aggravation when my amex card arrived and there was a hire car on it for 3-4 weeks or something. She'd hired a car and not told me about it and it was quite expensive. I was like, please stop spending money we don't have yet? And nope, would not run a spell check on the manuals for my software….lots of western women are like this now. In divorce she had my company destroyed by having it's bank accounts frozen. Sigh…standard. Western women tell me I should be 'more forgiving' of her attempting to destroy my income because 'she was just upset'. Really? Eastern women characterise her as a complete bitch. By destroying my company she cost me at least EUR200K extra lost revenue and I have had to create a very complex set of mechanisms via colleagues to resurrect my software and sell it again. Sigh.Women…they be bitches now and NONE of them are trustworthy…you will be right 10x more than you will be wrong.

  2. globalman100 Says:

    PS. Yes, in Australia my wife voted left and I voted right…complete cancel job. At least we lived in an electorate that had been right for maybe a million years.And BOY you should have heard her complain when the left brought in a 'land tax' were we had to shell out $A10,000 or so….nope, women are so stupid they don't see that voting left increases the tax burder for all their 'social programs' of which women are 90% the beneficiaries.

  3. fwoom Says:

    Wow. I, too, was married to one like your aunt.I was your uncle, except a pushover and a wuss. Somehow, and I have no idea how, society's feminist ills sucked the manhood right out of me. I loved her, treated her the best I knew how, gave her my all, and overall crossed the line between "Saint" and "Doormat."Of course, everything is my fault, and our misandristic government gave the beast my children, which she promptly ran off with and took two states away.But that's all another long, involved story.Kudos to you for your blog. It's refreshing to see that not all women are self-serving cows. It's nice to see that not all of you expect us men to cater to your every whim.

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