A blog worth reading

Believe it or not, I am capable of feeling respect for a woman. It’s just that so few of them deserve it. Of the few who do, none are feminists.

I discovered Hestia’s blog when she commented on my latest post at The Spearhead. I approved of her immediately; here’s a conservative who is outside the conservative mainstream, a mother who takes child-rearing seriously, a woman who believes that women being strong means women taking real responsibility, working hard, and adhering to principles rather than indulging her whims of the moment. In addition, she’s a homesteader, which I approve of despite being a city dweller myself. (I suspect I’ll spend my retirement puttering in a garden and canning things, making up for these years of apartment dwelling.)

But it was when I discovered her commitment to homeschooling that I added her to my blogreader and commented telling her how awesome she was.

One Hestia is worth a thousand feminists.


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