Good God.

The Editrix recently linked to this site:

Parents Behaving Badly: Parenting So Bad, It’s Criminal.

I actually visited that site a couple of years ago, but I haven’t been back. The child abuse cases it reports are too horrifying for regular reading.

But the Editrix pointed out something I hadn’t read enough to notice, though I’m not at all surprised: most of the (incredibly sadistic) abusers discussed on this site are mothers. The ones who aren’t, are stepfathers.

Occasionally, if I see a bit of responsible behavior on the part of women, I forget why I hate women so much. Then something like this reminds me.

Father’s rights isn’t about what the dads want, it’s about protecting the children from the vicious creatures who spawned them. It’s time to stop allowing women to rob their children of the protector nature has provided for them: their fathers. Any judge who awards custody to a mother should be convicted of attempted murder.


5 Responses to “Good God.”

  1. Melanie Says:

    An interesting note is that in the original Grimm's faerie tales, it was often the mother, not the step-mother as Disney leads us to believe, that showed hatred towards her own children.

  2. Scott Freitas Says:

    (no need to post this FM, more of a PM than a comment)You keep bringing up thought-provoking stuff, FM. I follow your blog no matter how long I go without commenting, trust me. I'm an addict. ;)You go, girl!! 😉 )I mostly haven't commented lately because I'm typically speechless. What's left to say? Still no sign yet that this pathetic feminized western culture–or the bulk of its public-schooled males–have any clue how much harm feminists have done and will continue to do to their lives, careers, relationships, and eternal destinies…Sad, but true. :/

  3. Female Misogynist Says:

    Scott,I posted this anyway so I could thank you. You made my day. Your kind words are much appreciated!I try not to publicize my email address too much – let the trolls flame me in public – but I'll give it to you:

  4. Field Marshall Watkins Says:

    If you liked that, you'll love this!A womans touch.

  5. Richard Ford Says:

    People who are kidnaped by mixed groups generaly report that the female captors are either the kindest or the most cruel. This may be because they are emotionaly involved either as protectors or tormentors.It may be the same with children.

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