New Spearhead Post!

The Feminist’s Guide To Debate Tactics

One commenter said that I ought to have offered retorts that MRAs could make against these standard feminist “arguments”, but that wasn’t what the satire was about. Someone should write one of those sometime.

To my amusement but not surprise, a feminist calling herself “someone” is trolling the comments, using exactly the lame feminist arguments I was making fun of! Except I forgot to add “outright lies”: she claims, with no support, that Roissy bans people he can’t argue against. Having read a few Roissy comment threads and seen how ridiculous, hostile, and OT they can get, I doubt he bans anybody.

EDIT: Comments made after I made this post showed that “someone” is actually a guy, and has the distinction of being one of the very few people who managed to get banned by Roissy. Read the comments on any of Roissy’s post to get a feel for just how hard that is to do.


3 Responses to “New Spearhead Post!”

  1. Kimberly's Lament Says:

    I think that "someone" may have been male….

  2. Female Misogynist Says:

    Looks that way. When I made this post, that wasn't clear yet.If you're the same Kimberly who was commenting over there, I still want to read your blog when you start it. You express yourself very well. I try not to make my email address too easy to find – if people are going to flame me, let them do it via the comments – but you can reach me at

  3. Kimberly's Lament Says:

    Yes, I am said Kimberly. My blog will consist of my anti feminist rants, pro-God material, personal experiences, ect. Probably no MRA/MRM or PUA stuff….I'm woman and don't feel I can speak for men in any form.For some reason I didn't connect your blog with your articles over at spearhead, my apologies! lol

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