How men argue

I just got another comment on my post about Gandhi. I made that post more than a year ago and it still gets comments.

All the comments are from men who know more about the history of India than I do. They offer historical facts and are courteous in their disagreement.

Contrast that with the feminists who stop by and say, “OMG you are such a hypocrite when if it weren’t for feminism you wouldn’t be allowed to run your belligerent mouth on a blog!”

If feminists want to be respected (a dubious proposition, but for the sake of argument), among other things they will have to learn to argue the male way, by offering facts (rather than propagandistic lies) and refraining from stupid insults. I have yet to receive an intelligent comment here from any feminist.


3 Responses to “How men argue”

  1. MikeT Says:

    **How most men argue. In Mala Fide's latest hater of the month is a good example of how even men are NOT immune to this.Fortunately, if a man gets too blustery and emotional, and gets aggressive, it's still socially acceptable to slap him (if you're a woman) or clock him upside the head (if you're a man who is at least as big as he is or tougher) in most quarters.For such men, that is no less appropriate and reasonable than whacking a dog that will. not. stop. barking. period. on the snout with a newspaper.

  2. Marquis Says:

    Chris Rock said it best: " a woman's not gonna let a little something like logic fuck up her argument"

  3. thewanderinggentleman Says:

    I suspect that there are a great many men who would also have flawed arguments and resort to insults, however, those men are aware of their condition and would not put themselves on display in public for fear of retribution.Women, it seems, are brought up to have no such fear, at least in the western world.

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