All or Nothing

Feminists who comment here always insist that I have no right to criticize feminism because it did one great thing for me. What that one thing was varies: a favorite is that I wouldn’t have been allowed to blog if not for some mysterious unnamed feminists who won freedom of speech for women, another is that feminism gave me the great privilege of spending my childhood imprisoned listening to brainless sluts recite Marxist propaganda and being beaten up by the young alpha males who made the teachers’ ginas tingle.

Of course, as I’ve discussed, feminism does not deserve the credit for getting freedom of speech for women, nor did it win higher education for women, even leaving out the fact that feminism has ruined education in America. I have yet to learn of even one good deed to feminism’s credit. To the best of my knowledge – and remember that in my misspent youth, I read piles of herstory crap – feminism has never done even one good thing.

But that’s beside the point. What these feminists seem to be saying is that if feminism has done even one good deed, we must not make the slightest protest to the innumerable evils it has unleashed upon the world.


2 Responses to “All or Nothing”

  1. MikeT Says:

    Italian Fascism made the trains run on time… where's it's free pass?…

  2. fpb Says:

    Higher Education for women was available in the Middle Ages in the Holy Roman Empire. It was resurrected in Italy by Pope Benedict XIV, who, by his own decree, ordered the first degree grant to a woman in modern times (1732) and the first professor's chair (1750). Societies that waited a century and a half to reach the advanced stage of the Pope (or half a millennium to match the medieval Empire) complimented themselves on their progressive wonderfulness and on the terrible backward reactionariness of Catholicism.

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