Angela Fiori

Just found a female antifeminist columnist named Angela Fiori. (I think a commenter recommended her to me a while back.)

Feminism’s Third Wave

Average men continue to be outraged by this perennial female adulation of either sociopaths or extremely good looking men who use them up and move on. They see no rationality in such a warped set of preferences. The key word here is rationality. The default mode of thought in women is not rational, it’s emotive. Criminals and philanderers are interesting and mysterious – that’s the key. It’s irrelevant that they offer no real future. In a nutshell, they’re crass entertainment like ditzy afternoon soaps. (I know so many of you men were certain there was some stunningly profound answer to this question, but there isn’t. Sorry for the letdown.)

All of this is exactly what decent men should wage a revolution against. They are the ones called upon to pick up the pieces of shattered relationships and foot an enormous bill as both stepfathers and taxpayers. Today, the staggering cost isn’t just financial in terms of ready-made dads drafted to foot the bill for two or three of another man’s kids (or thousands as taxpayers). The cost is emotional as well. Good men don’t like to admit it – for fear of being pegged as wimpy – but off the record many express deep resentment at having to struggle to build sexual intimacy with women who have been sexually plundered by so many past partners.

To Single Men on Today’s Women: Caveat Emptor

(Tonight – 6/24/01 – I’m watching Fox News’ Only on Fox where a female minister in Seattle is actually holding ceremonies that have the look and feel of a wedding, but are for couples celebrating their divorce! At the end of the ceremony the parents, children, and minister all gather in a circle for one big “hug-in.” How thoroughly twisted.)

Yet again: women should not be ordained.

The Feminist Road to Abu Ghraib

All these lies plus the problems at Abu Ghraib are piled on top of (no pun intended!!) the usual enraging stories about physical double standards between men and women and the added costs to the military of intersex fraternization. The solution to all these problems is for the military to do for women what it did for General Janis Karpinski: remove all of them from duty in the armed services permanently.


One Response to “Angela Fiori”

  1. SuperDave Says:

    I love Angela Fiori and am disappointed she hasn't written in a long while. She nails American women to the wall with her wit and deft pen. It's always nice to see a woman who's as disgusted as I am by the games women play.

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