Sorry I’ve been away

Two close relatives have been in the hospital and I have been much too stressed out to blog.

Today I decided I’d better at least say hello and approve any comments that were waiting. Dudes, the interesting and supportive comments waiting for me really gave me a boost. Thank you. I was thinking it might take me a few weeks to get back to this blog, not to mention the three brilliant articles I have planned for the Spearhead, but with that kind of encouragement, maybe I can do some blogging this weekend! Thank you!

For now, just one link: The Wifely Duty. It’s about heterosexual bed death.


One Response to “Sorry I’ve been away”

  1. globalman100 Says:

    FM,all my best to your relatives. Hope they recover and hope you are recovered too.As to the article. Yep. Lots of men talk about the fact they rarely or never get sex from their wife. Women will now proudly boast at dinner parties how they manipulate their husbands through sex. I have had women do that at my dinner table and I have seen the look of hurt in the mans eyes as his wife attempts to publicly humiliates him. It is a tribute to the class of men more of them don't kill their wives. In my case I did not ask my wife for sex even once in our last 5 years of marriage after I lost my temper (for the one and only time since I was 12) at one too many 'No'. Of course, my ex was furious within 3 months that the job of asking for sex was up to her while she had made her best efforts to dominate and control me through sex for the prior 10 years. Like most married men, I had a better relationship with my right hand than my wife. Women then blame ME because 'you must have been doing something wrong if you could not convincer her to have sex with you'. Really? A woman is not of her own mind? Womens excuses about how it is always the mans fault make it clear they are children and are unwilling to accept responsibility for their actions.Now. WOW…just WOW! I have women lined up hoping to get a crack at my future income. I would NEVER allow a woman to live in my house because I get so much more lovemaking and sex while they are trying to get a gernsey to live in my house. Only one woman has said no to me in the last 18 months and so I never accepted her later offers. My advice to any man whos wife is not putting out is just go and get what you need elsewher. I was faithful for 23 years and it was not respected or rewarded. No man should be faithful any more in my opinion. If women want faithful men they have to reward them and protect them. They don't.

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