Feminism FAQ

An evolutionary psychologist sent me this link:

Feminism FAQ

Is feminism internally consistent?

No. Feminists claim that i) men and women are equally capable of all jobs, and ii) if jobs were done by women, they would be done differently. In other words, they claim that with regards to work men and women are both the same and yet different, which is impossible. Feminists believe that women need to be proportionally represented in Parliament; yet if they were the same as men, there would be no reason for men not to represent women’s interests. A contradiction.

This FAQ would probably make most feminists’ heads explode. 🙂


One Response to “Feminism FAQ”

  1. randian Says:

    The FAQ is wrong. The actual claim is that women are as good as or better than men at all jobs. There is no contradiction between that and point 2.

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