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Quick note

December 25, 2009

Am still swamped. Right now I’m waiting for some other relatives to arrive so we can all visit the one who’s now disabled together, and I decided to take a minute to check my comments.

One of them, over at my wordpress backup, was so funny I had to spread holiday cheer by sharing it. It’s on Women have a “right” to get drunk”, in which I posted an article about how the law considers sex with an intoxicated person to be rape, even if the man is drunk too. I state that this shouldn’t be the law because the woman made the decision to get drunk on her own and should be held responsible for the consequences of that action. So some dimbo replied,

So I guess that means that you believe that an intoxicated individual walking home on the sidewalk is partly responsible when s/he is hit by a drunk driver of a car? Maybe you think that when two people get drunk and one shoots the other with a gun the person who gets shot probably should be held accountable for the poor judgment of getting drunk near someone who owns a gun and the gun owner is not guilty of manslaughter because of intoxication. A person committing a sexual assault is committing a crime and a person being sexually assaulted isn’t, whether they are drunk or not. Your argument ignores this principle.

If you want to outrage a feminist, just suggest that there is any situation in which any woman might be considered at all responsible for any of her own actions.

Also, I have a new reader, J. Durden, who has a blog of his own. I’ve only read one post so far, but it’s a good one.

On a personal note, I’ve found a new apartment and will be moving in in a couple of weeks. After that, I’ll be unpacking (boy will that be fun) and job hunting, so my appearances will still be infrequent until I’m settled.

And thank you very much for all the very supportive comments you’ve left! I do appreciate it.


Sorry I’ve been away

December 12, 2009

I thought I should check in, at least. Unless one day I have some unexpected free time, I won’t be posting much for the next month or so.

Not only do I not have time, but life is being such a bitch (I guess Life is a woman) that I also can’t concentrate. I have some really great essays planned for the Spearhead, but I can’t write them because I’m too tired and stressed to concentrate well enough to write a good essay.

I’ll sum up: one of my close relatives is now disabled and I’m having to be there a lot to help. I’m going to have to move. That means getting a new job. As you can see, I will be swamped. (Maybe I should be PC and say I’ll be wetlanded.)

I’ll check in now and then to approve comments, but don’t expect to hear much from me for the next couple of months, however long it is before I can get moved and my life in general settles down. Thanks for all the great comments that were waiting for me today, by the way. They really gave me a boost after the crummy week I’ve had!

Let’s talk about sperm

December 5, 2009

Not a favorite subject of mine, me being a dyke and all, but an important one. Some blog I was looking at mentioned in passing that there is a “sperm shortage” – in sperm banks, that is. Intrigued, I googled it.

The Sperm-Supply Problem

There’s a shortage of sperm in Britain! Apparently, Britain needs donations for about 4,000 women per year; to reach that number, about 500 sperm donors per year are required, while only 300 are currently registered. Things were fine until 2005, when a law was enacted allowing children of sperm donors the right to discover the identity of their father at age 18; simultaneously, the number of women who could use the same donor’s sperm was limited further.

Britain faces sperm shortage, calls for donors

LONDON – Britain is facing a sperm donor shortage after reversing confidentiality laws and limiting the number of women who can use sperm from one donor, fertility experts warned Wednesday.

Britain in 2005 changed the law protecting anonymous sperm donors and allowed children to learn the identity of donor fathers — one reason, fertility experts say, there are fewer donors now.

“The only countries that seem to have enough sperm are those that pay — like the U.S. and Spain — or the countries that retain anonymity,” said Allan Pacey, a member of the British Fertility Society that warned of the shortage in the British Medical Journal.

Swedish Sperm Shortage Shocker

First they blame lesbian couples for using up all the sperm, which struck me as weird as we should be almost the only people using such services aside from straight couples where the man is sterile, which isn’t all that common. (Not that I don’t understand why that isn’t the case.) Then:

On top of that disappointing news, there is more to this cake wreck. Apparently in Sweden once a sperm bank child gets to that magic age of 18, he or she can legally locate donor-daddy.

That puts a crimp in the donation pool.

The icing on the cake? Electricity issues that regularly unfreeze the poor little swimmers and a high rate of um, those donor contributions that can’t swim. Perhaps back-up generators to address both issues should be in the budget?

Sperm shortage forcing women to Internet for donor

A shortage of Canadian donor sperm could be prompting women and their partners to turn to the Internet to find free donors, but that doesn’t make it healthy, or even ethical, say experts in fertility and reproductive technology.

Fertility experts suggest reforms to overcome sperm shortage

The authors cited the removal of donor anonymity in April 2005 – allowing children to trace their donor parent once eighteen – as a key causal factor for the shortage. Donor anonymity is optional in the US and many experts there believe this is why they do not have a sperm donation shortage.

Modern Medicine Solves World Sperm Shortage (Satire)

And besides, is it really a scientific breakthrough to accomplish what every 12-year-old teenage boy does automatically in his sleep? The creation of sperm, after all, has been happening for as long as anyone can remember, and I don’t recall any sperm shortage public protests or United Nations warnings about the world running out of sperm.

The article goes on to cite serious information about the causes of male infertility.

I’ve ranted before about sperm donors being hit up for child support. I don’t think any of the articles I looked at mentioned that as a reason, though the related issue of donor anonymity was raised repeatedly. See, ladies, you’ve made both marriage and fatherhood, even via sperm donation, so unprofitable for men that they won’t even jack off for you. I hope that men will take Roger Devlin’s advice: “A man must insist on nothing less than a legally binding promise to love, honor, and obey him before “consenting” to give a woman a baby.”

Link dump

December 5, 2009

Killer With Low I.Q. Executed in Texas

Mr. Woods, 44, was convicted of raping and killing an 11-year-old girl in 1997….

Mr. Woods was convicted of killing his former girlfriend’s daughter. A jury determined he had abducted the 11-year-old girl, Sarah Patterson, along with her brother, Cody, from the family’s home in Granbury, Tex.. The girl was raped before her throat was slit. The boy was severely beaten and left for dead, but he survived.

Thank goodness enlightened modern divorce laws allow women to get their children away from their fathers and into the clutches of stepfathers!

Cheating wife cried rape in text message to husband after fit of guilt over affair

A wife who cried rape because she felt guilty about cheating on her husband in their home was spared jail yesterday.

Thank goodness whores today are free to wreck men’s lives with lies without fear of consequences to themselves!

Our children can’t hold a knife and fork. So what does UNESCO teach them?

Our schools are terrible, and have been for years – so terrible that even the authorities are beginning to admit it. But the teachers are right when they say that the real problem is in the home. And the problem of the home is actually the problem of an unhinged society that decided to try to change human nature. Women, it said, had to work outside the home to be fulfilled. Raising children was something that would just get done in the intervals between work and sleep.

This idea came from a wild, Leftist coven whose members long ago grew up and got rich. But it just happened to suit a lot of businesses which find women cheaper and more reliable than men, and so it took off. And it has done limitless damage. And it is time that it was reversed. And nobody will do anything.

But comfort yourselves. Children may not know how to handle cutlery, but if UNESCO has its way they will soon be instructed, from the age of five, in the joys of masturbation.

Thank goodness women are free to draw a paycheck for jobs they can’t do while their children grow up as Neanderthals because their mothers had more important things to do than civilize them!

“Step-parents abuse children to death more often”

In 35 years 258 children in Sweden were killed by their parents. 23 of them were ill treated to death. Stepchildren were more often killed by ill treatment than children who were killed by their biological parents, shows a new study from The University of Stockholm.

Relative danger

But Statistics Canada from 1974 to 1990 did contain relevant data.

Its figures showed that children under the age of two were at least one hundred times more likely to be killed by stepparents — particularly stepfathers — than by biological parents. “Of course,” Daly stresses, “most stepparents take to the task extremely well, and generally make loving substitute parents. The incidence of abuse is low.” Nonetheless, for stepparents the homicide rate comes out at about 600 per million parent-child groups living together, compared with just a handful for biological parents. Further examination of records in the United States and Britain revealed an increased risk for children with stepparents. Moreover, a closer look at the case histories reveals that while biological parents who kill their children are often severely depressed and, Daly and Wilson reported, “may even construe murder-suicide as a humane act of rescue,” stepparents who are homicidal “are rarely suicidal and typically manifest their antipathy to their victims in the relative brutality of their lethal acts.”

She got through 27 secretaries in TWO years and reduced staff to tears every day. Meet Labour’s ambassador for women at work

The whole article is pretty much summed up by the title, so let’s skip ahead to the hilarious photo:

Another picture, not from the article but conveying sound advice:

Rape as feminist political tool

December 1, 2009

Remember a few months back, I was theorizing about why feminists insist, despite considerable evidence to the contrary, that rape isn’t about sex? And the result, you’ll recall, was that I attracted a bunch of feminist trolls who were outraged, not that feminists are encouraging women to engage in reckless behavior that is likely to get them raped, but that I am stating that women should not do things like go to bad neighborhoods wearing skimpy outfits and get drunk or undress and get into bed with men they don’t want to have sex with.

I was just reading a comment thread with a bunch of people, mostly feminist women, were discussing some TV show in which a woman got raped. (I’m keeping this general because I don’t want any pingbacks or google searches to lead these harpies here. I get enough free publicity from feminists throwing tantrums about me on their blogs.) The show unambiguously depicted the rape as a bad thing and the rapist as a criminal, but these feminists were mad just because the show existed. That is, they kept shrieking that the show didn’t state explicitly enough that rape is bad, even though the rapist was depicted as a thoroughly evil scumbag who kicked puppies and pulled the wings off flies and the victim was a saint who joined protest marches and only ate dolphin-safe tuna.

This made me remember some feminist rants I’ve seen about female characters in superhero comic books getting killed. It seems reasonable enough that people who put on spandex and fight crime will occasionally get killed; remember, it happened to Robin about 20 years ago, and he had a penis! And so will their girlfriends and wives and bowling partners, etc. Now, some of these rants do have a point. One of them showed a scan of a page from some comic book where the murdered superheroine was drawn in a sexy looking pose, which, considering that she was bloodily dead, was pretty yucky. But they seem angry that it happens at all. Woman in a dangerous profession gets killed = the author hates women.

(Only the safety of Western society, which feminists are working hard to eradicate, can make anyone sufficiently unaware of how dangerous life is that they can come up with such ludicrous notions.)

In the thread about the TV show, though, somebody who was reciting the usual bullshit about how “this is a rape culture” and “rape is the patriarchy’s enforcer” suddenly made me realize what the real problem was. These feminists do not give a shit if any woman, fictional or real, gets raped. And the problem isn’t that rape and the murder of women isn’t depicted clearly enough as being a crime. That could not be clearer in movies and comic books and TV shows, and it was so long before feminism reared its exceedingly ugly head. They have another agenda, and as usual, it has nothing to do with women’s safety.

No, what they’re actually complaining about is that rape is being depicted as a mere crime. That’s not what they want. Then the bad man would go to jail and everything would be fine. To feminists, rape is a political tool. They want movies and TV shows to depict it, not as a crime by an individual, but as a symptom of a society that hates and oppresses women. They don’t want a story where a bad man commits a crime and is punished; they want a political manifesto about patriarchy thinly disguised as a story.

Western women are spoiled rotten, and as a result their demands become ever more vague and absurd.

December 1, 2009

My old friend Jonna just left another idiot hysterical flame here, which I rejected. Jonna, have you forgotten what I told you? If you want another comment approved here, you must do one of two things. Either:

1. Tell me the names of the mythical feminists who you pretend won me and other women freedom of speech.


2. Admit the fact that feminists did not do this.

I gave you this challenge months ago. You’ve had plenty of time to get a man to show you how to look up historical facts on wikipedia. Still you haven’t bothered to even attempt to support your transparent lies.

Quick note

December 1, 2009

Many of you probably know that Mangan’s blog has been shut down for discussing non-PC facts that our overlords don’t want us thinking about. Because of that, I’m updating my wordpress backup of this blog for the first time in a while. Thus far I’ve only heard of HBD blogs being censored, not MRA ones, but I’m sure it’ll happen eventually.

Those of you who have Blogspot blogs, be sure to back them up. If not on wordpress, then on your hard drives. Freedom of speech only applies to Democrats in today’s brave new world.