My old friend Jonna just left another idiot hysterical flame here, which I rejected. Jonna, have you forgotten what I told you? If you want another comment approved here, you must do one of two things. Either:

1. Tell me the names of the mythical feminists who you pretend won me and other women freedom of speech.


2. Admit the fact that feminists did not do this.

I gave you this challenge months ago. You’ve had plenty of time to get a man to show you how to look up historical facts on wikipedia. Still you haven’t bothered to even attempt to support your transparent lies.


12 Responses to “”

  1. Alexander Says:

    I'm going to take a guess, and say your friend praised the concept of "freedom of speech" while simultaneously vilifying you for your views?The freedom of speech most people insist on is the freedom to say things they agree with.

  2. Female Misogynist Says:

    She told me that if not for the heroic efforts of feminism, I would not be allowed to, quote, "run my belligerent mouth". I pointed out that freedom of speech was a male invention and that women got it at the same time as men. She responded by saying that Thomas Jefferson owned slaves. That's when I told her that she would have to name these mysterious feminists who allegedly gave me this gift if she wanted another comment approved. She can't, because they don't exist.

  3. Jonna Says:

    I didn't see your criteria to allow my comments, I don't live my life through this thing, I just stumbled across it. You act like I'm some nostril-flaring militant bitch. I just asked YOU for clarification on your viewpoints, wondering how on earth a woman can write under a label that bashes herself. Don't you find that extremely odd? Maybe our definitions of feminism don't match, our versions of reality certainly don't and it wasn't a hysterical flame–just pointing out the gaps in your logic, so you silence me? I don't care, it's your blog. I said from the beginning I wasn't trying to change your mind, that's pointless. I don't have the time to rebuke every bullshit bit of skewed perspective you have. I'm not trying to silence you b/c I don't agree with you, that's what YOU do. I'm very curious and disturbed at the same time how a woman claims to hate, loathe, distrust, and blame all of society's ills on women. And you really believe once men were given freedom of speech, that all avenues of public communication were wide open to women? You think that once freedom of speech was granted, men and women alike still didn't have to fight for it? REALLY?!?! They may not have faced persecution, but it wasn't welcomed with open arms as you fantasize it did–they were still silenced. But you want to research some shit just so you can blow it off in a 'womanly whim' and not publish it? Do you not find it hilarious that you censor my comments over freedom of speech? Laughable! March on sister, you've got a long way to go. Nothing you say or do can trump the fact that you are fighting for a system that has no place for you, which has been my point all along and yet you defend it fervently, even though you would be left out on all fronts. get women out of the workforce, you won't have a job, preach that they stay home and tend to husbands and children, you're fucked there too, scream at the top of your lungs that men should rule the world, where-does-that-leave-you? Man without a penis? In my travels and run-ins with misogynists, one of the things they hate more than women are dykes–they love the idea of lesbians, but dykes they have no use for, so again, what will your role be in your utopian society? I say you should be able to marry, adopt children, and live your life the way you wish, but who's fighting for you to be able to do it? How long will it take the gracious leaders to grant you this freedom? I don't see the boys in your favor rushing to do it. Or will a double-female head of household have twice the capacity to raise rapists? This is your logic, not mine. Don't get your boxers in a bunch at me just because it's full of holes and half-truths. your house of cards just doesn't hold up. patriarchy is not the be-all, end-all of societies problems. the gender issues would be solved if one stopped trying to wield power over the other–ON BOTH SIDES. In my household, the definition of what it is to truly be a man is someone that does everything within his moral ability to take care of those he loves, and the definition of what it is to be a true woman, is to do exactly the same–the division of roles is given by who can do what best, not the one with the penis does this and the vagina does that. he doesn't tell me what to do, I don't tell him. he is not the one in charge, and neither am I, our household runs quite smoothly without power struggles–men secure in their masculinity aren't constantly trying to maintain dominance. The ones defiantly trying to defend male dominance do so b/c without it, they are displaced, don't know how to react, behave, so desperately, they cling to it. Why you do…? deep emotional scars? hero worship? penis envy? hellifiknow…

  4. Carl Says:

    In the future, please let her comments through or at least quote them fully. Don't let me miss out on my full amusement.

  5. globalman100 Says:

    Like most women, she is vastly inferior in the intelligence department.

  6. Female Misogynist Says:

    Jonna, although you still have not named these mysterious feminists you keep crediting with my freedom of speech, at another reader's request I approved this one comment so that he could laugh at it.By the way, I've included some of your attempts at "debate" in an essay I wrote.Now, Jonna, I know that this will be a difficult concept for you, but try to comprehend it: you having hysterics does not indicate that women are equal to men. Not even you having hysterics really really hard.Still no names! Admit it, you were lying when you said that feminists gave women freedom of speech. You know perfectly well it was a gift from men, you just don't want to give your betters credit.

  7. Hestia Says:

    The freedom of speech most people insist on is the freedom to say things they agree with.The right to not be offended!*amused* I have been advised on numerous occasions of this same thing. Also feminists have won me the right to read, to have the time to ponder ideas, and to be able to blog. I thought the Industrial Revolution was what gave people like my husband and myself the time to read, followed with all the homemaking luxuries of the last century. Nobody can ever name names or offer specific examples to support their idea or truly disagree with mine. What do I know though…I'm not smart like a feminist. ;o)

  8. Alexander Says:

    @Jonna: I encourage you to continue to debate and voice your opinions, but please remember to leave your emotions at the door. The first function of intelligent discourse is to discover what is -true-, not what is -right-.In the dialogue between men and women in western culture there is currently unequal representation. I applaud Female Misogynist for sticking to her guns despite the unpopularity of her views.

  9. Fidel Says:

    FM,Good day ……No comments about this particular thread, just that I have followed your writings for about a year now, and I must thank you for sharing your insight.

  10. VeldanG Says:

    Freedom of speech was a right that was fought for and forged by Men. Hate to say it in such broad terms, but i don't know many Women who go off to war to die.Not saying that no Women did, but to suggest their influence was anything but minimal is an insult to all the Men that fought to give you that right. What's the old saying…"I disagree with what you say, but I'll fight to the death your right to say it"Well, Jonna, FM gave you a fair chance to spew your shit on her PRIVATE blog. You failed. She was even so kind as to allow you one more reply, you failed again.Suck it up princess, as I'd say to all my Male friends. 🙂

  11. globalman100 Says:

    FM,Jonna is just another female who demonstrates to us men why we have the right idea refusing to interact with western women because they are all crap now. I have got confirmation that my fav#1 can spend the coming weekend with me….and I hope my fav#2 can spend a few days with me after xmas when fav#1 has to be 'back home' with her family.I am a man in heaven with the eastern european women I am dating. Western women look to me like the total crap they are…Jonna is just one more. She doesn't like being called 'crap'? Then it is up to her to demonstrate how she might add value to my life. My eatern european lady friends are not only great in bed, they actually act like they like me. (Yes, I do know they are acting.)I know what I prefer and it is not women like Jonna.

  12. Chris Says:

    Lol…so, let me get this straight…her response to the idea of Freedom of Speech being a protected right as being a product of men is to say that Thomas Jefferson owned slaves? That is a huge Red Herring…and not even a very good one. Don’t be too hard on her; her helmet is probably just strapped on to tight.

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