Quick note

Am still swamped. Right now I’m waiting for some other relatives to arrive so we can all visit the one who’s now disabled together, and I decided to take a minute to check my comments.

One of them, over at my wordpress backup, was so funny I had to spread holiday cheer by sharing it. It’s on Women have a “right” to get drunk”, in which I posted an article about how the law considers sex with an intoxicated person to be rape, even if the man is drunk too. I state that this shouldn’t be the law because the woman made the decision to get drunk on her own and should be held responsible for the consequences of that action. So some dimbo replied,

So I guess that means that you believe that an intoxicated individual walking home on the sidewalk is partly responsible when s/he is hit by a drunk driver of a car? Maybe you think that when two people get drunk and one shoots the other with a gun the person who gets shot probably should be held accountable for the poor judgment of getting drunk near someone who owns a gun and the gun owner is not guilty of manslaughter because of intoxication. A person committing a sexual assault is committing a crime and a person being sexually assaulted isn’t, whether they are drunk or not. Your argument ignores this principle.

If you want to outrage a feminist, just suggest that there is any situation in which any woman might be considered at all responsible for any of her own actions.

Also, I have a new reader, J. Durden, who has a blog of his own. I’ve only read one post so far, but it’s a good one.

On a personal note, I’ve found a new apartment and will be moving in in a couple of weeks. After that, I’ll be unpacking (boy will that be fun) and job hunting, so my appearances will still be infrequent until I’m settled.

And thank you very much for all the very supportive comments you’ve left! I do appreciate it.


5 Responses to “Quick note”

  1. Krauser Says:

    I've picked up one of your phrases in this post to be my "pithy observations of others" on my blog. Nice phrasing.www.krauserpua.wordpress.com

  2. J. Durden Says:

    You might enjoy this:http://www.militarycorruption.com/lesbos.htm

  3. Female Misogynist Says:

    You have no clue what you're talking about. Go make a blog of your own to display your ignorance.

  4. Female Misogynist Says:

    Oh, and that article didn't even hint at your mistaken point. Don't come back until you've learned to support an argument. Say in about ten years or so.

  5. Discount Says:

    She said "Maybe you think that when two people get drunk and one shoots the other with a gun the person who gets shot probably should be held accountable for the poor judgment" Wow, feminists sure do go through life as limp noodles with massive helpless victim complexes… She seems to think sex and conception are something a man does to a woman and not a mutual act requiring mutual responsibility…Thus the rape laws the matriarchy has ordered their male workhorses ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RdafJpieIJ0 )to institute.

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