Very brief note

Well, things are finally calming down in my life, so I dared to peek in just to approve comments.

I’ll be honest: I was seriously thinking about quitting this blog. I mean, what more is there to say?

Then I read the comments that were waiting for me, and I can’t tell you guys how refreshing it was. To know that I am communicating with sane people, smart people, people who see the same things in the world that I see.

No way will I quit now. I can’t resume this week, as I have a full schedule, but I give you my word I shall return – and soon!!!


7 Responses to “Very brief note”

  1. globalman100 Says:

    Hope all is ok for you FM. You put the rhetorical question…"What more is there to say?" Let me suggest this. I am active on the free man ireland group since that was one place I was abused and my rights were violated. I also recently did a radio interview on the radio station also linked above. Just look for 'interview with globalman'.I have brought to the attention of the free man group that 'feminism' is the effort by the Illuminati to divide and conquer by pitting women into battle against men. Of course, the women on the site threw everything at me including the kitchen sink but Vince allowed my posts to stand and insisted that if the women didn't like it they needed to argue their case. Of course they 'lost' their 'case' because they don't have one.One of the things I did to expose the hypocrisy of 'feminised women' was to challenge them to justly and fairly try and incarcerate women who commit crimes against men just like men incarcerate men who commit crimes against women. Of course, so far I have only two women takers to sit on juries to do this. So I have said to the women on the Irish Free Man group that if they do not try my ex for her crimes and 'take care of their own' then I will empanel a jury of men to do so.You could make a BIG contribution to the fight against the Illuminati if you went to the post above about 'Global Mans challenge to the ladies' and put your own open and honest opinion as to whether you believe women should be tried fairly and justly for crimes committed against men. I am working on the assumption, based on your writings, that you believe women SHOULD be held accountable for their actions. It would be very helpful for you to post there as a woman because, of course, the women see me as the 'oppressor' coming to them with the idea that women should be held accountable for their actions and their words spoken under oath. It would help for a woman to put her opinion into that place. My assertion is that the women are subverted by the Illuminati to attack men and that the 'pass for perjury' is one of the key elements of that attack against men. So yes…there is much more work to do…..but it needs to be done in places where men are then willing to create juries to incarcerate those who have committed crimes.

  2. globalman100 Says:

    PS. You might want to read the last few posts here too.

  3. globalman100 Says:


  4. Jeff Y. Says:

    I benefit greatly from your blog. Please keep it up!

  5. Donn Says:

    Really glad to here, can't tell you how things like Female Misogynist, False Rape Society, Marky Mark's thoughts, have really affected my life in just the past few months, things I never gave heed to. Ignorance is most certainly not bliss in this case, and from all the stuff I've learned, ignorance is too dangerous.So I'm glad to see you're continuing writing, people need things like this to show there's people out there deviating and actively combating the norm instead of submitting to it. ~Donn

  6. George Says:

    Good. Don't give up now, I only discovered you today!

  7. Melanie Says:

    Glad to hear you haven't given up on us!Hope things calm down for you.

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