Well, well, well.

I had intended to take a couple more weeks off, but two things happened. One you all already know about: socialized medicine has been forced, by quasi-legal means, down the throats of the American people.

Feminists, of course, are stupid enough to be delighted about this. The government has enslaved beta males even further for their benefit! Men want to be free because they know who’ll have to do the work if they’re not. Women want to get free stuff. There’s a difference.

Men consistently vote more for capitalist parties (Republican, Tory, etc.) because they are the ones who have to actually do the work and produce the goods that the government then seizes and redistributes to those who voted for them. For women, depending on work done by others is simply normal life. Married women are more likely to vote for less socialist parties because they know that it is their husbands who will be robbed. But in general, for women socialism is nifty. They still have a man providing services for them and supporting them, only since the man is Uncle Sam, they don’t have to offer benefits to any particular man in return. No fidelity, no housecleaning, no children; they can screw around, murder their children, and spend their days at a desk pretending to do a job that they got with the threat of litigation, and still men will provide for them.

(By the way, do read Roissy’s as usual excellent post about this.)

The other thing that happened was personal. Long-time readers know that some brutal real-life experience with women is what made me start to question the lies I had always been told about the nature of women, and of humans in general. Really, I likely would have gone on my merry way believing that women really were the enlightened, rational, achievement-driven, compassionate beings I had always been told they were – and wondering why the ones I encountered seemed so different from this ideal – if not for two women in particular, who gave me a practical demonstration. (Which I have since unfortunately confirmed in the research that I chronicle in this blog.)

I’m not going to inflict the sordid stories on you. Let me sum up by saying that, quite aside from the disillusionment about the fair sex these woman caused, they hurt me personally very deeply and very deliberately. And they knew it.

I haven’t heard a word from one of them in over a decade and the other in almost as long, which is how I want it. But a few days ago, out of the blue, one of them emailed me.

I wasn’t happy to see her name in my inbox, but I assumed that it was the long overdue apology she owed me. The last few times we talked, she had… sort of… acknowledged her responsibility, and even bragged about how guilty she felt.

Silly me.

It wasn’t an apology, it was an explanation. Two pages of blather all about her her her, telling me all about what a difficult time in her life that had been and why she had behaved as she did. Because, you know, after what she put me through and after all these years, what I really want is to listen to this little narcissist psychoanalyze herself.

It apparently didn’t even occur to her to take responsibility for her own actions; no, she had been helplessly buffeted by psychological forces beyond her control, which forced her to go to a great deal of trouble to make me miserable.

There’s a lot of comments, including some I approved the last time I posted, that I want to respond to, but it’ll take a while. I am still limited on time. My new job requires that I learn a lot of new computer software, which is eating up a lot of my time. So readers, please be patient with me. If you made comments that require replies, I’ll get to you as time allows.


5 Responses to “Well, well, well.”

  1. globalman100 Says:

    FM, women don't apologise because that would take some personal responsibility. Something feminised women don't have.I offered my ex a peaceful settlement on the strength on an apology up to and including the time until I had to walk into court to defend my rights. After that? All offers were off the table.She has now been charged with 6 crimes and I rather hope to send her to jail for some years. Yep…facing a jury of angry men is preferable to an apology for a woman. That way she gets to be a victim all over again!The more I learn about women the more disappointed I become. They just seem to find new ways to act in more disgusting manners.

  2. Alkibiades Says:

    The more things change, the more they are the same. Why expect anything different from this gal?

  3. jm_kaye Says:

    Because, you know, after what she put me through and after all these years, what I really want is to listen to this little narcissist psychoanalyze herselfHey, how did my mother get your email address?

  4. Apollyon Says:

    globalman100, you took the words right out of my mouth!That is one of my standard sayings to women (who are inevitably complaining – or rationalizing). I usually say something along the lines of 'women either can't – or won't – take responsibility for their actions'. (it is either 'society's fault – read: men – or it's someone's fault – read: a particular man – or she was having a 'tough time' – read: not her fault)!One woman recently told me that when she meets a prospective man (i.e. has money, tall, good-looking, etc) she asks: "do you respect women? If so, what is it about women that you respect"? I said to her: "do you respect men"? I was met with a blank stare and then she said, somewhat sheepishly "some men". I said the same applies to women. Also, I said "what is it about men you respect most" – this was met with both silence and a dumbfounded stare.Note: this was a woman in her 50s. It doesn't seem to make a difference what age they are.Needless to say, what's good for the goose is apparently not good for the gander!

  5. Jeff Y. Says:

    You were missed. This blog kicks ass.I had a smilar epiphany as yours. women are mature, emotional, selfish creatures.Mature because they will not grow out of it. Emotional because they are less rational. Selfish because they think life is a zero sum game, everything they give is a perceived loss.Once you see that, it's easy to predict stuff.

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