Feminism and the Health Care Bill

First off, if you need it explained to you why the health care bill is going to be a disaster, go somewhere else. Every big-name conservative pundit on the planet has already thoroughly explained this and I see no reason I should cover that ground again.

A mailing list I’m on had two different feminist posts about the health care bill early this week. (It’s not a political list, it was really off topic, but when does that ever stop anyone?)

The first one was cheering because the bill prohibits insurance companies from charging women higher premiums. Of course, they do this because women get sick more and live longer, so women cost them more. In order to charge men and women the same and not go out of business, they will have to charge men more to cover women’s expenses. As usual, men are paying women’s bills for them. Hooray for the modern independent woman!

The second one was bitching because under the bill, women will still have to pay for their own abortions except in cases of rape, incest and the life of the mother. Isn’t that terrible? Women have to pay for their children to be murdered! What terrible oppression! It’s only just to steal money from men via taxes to pay for the women they date to murder their babies!

In addition, a little dust-up on a blog I discovered about a month ago is illustrating further how liberals really feel about women.

I wanted to link to this blog before, because she has a couple of pretty good anti-feminism posts, though comparing her antifeminism and mine is like comparing a fluffy little Persian kitten with a saber-toothed tiger. I didn’t because I figured some of my trolls might go bug her, and she was obviously quite distressed when she got a few flames a while back. Well, I needn’t have worried: she got a really vicious flame all by herself, and nothing any of my trolls have ever dished out remotely compared, and I think she coped pretty well.

Here’s the post. If you read it, you’ll see that she starts by expressing worry about how this bill is going to further wreck our already crumbling economy and about how having such a lousy politician for our first nonwhite president is likely to lead to a revival of racism, and what a bad thing this will be.

Then she spends the rest of the post talking about healthy habits, and refers to Greg Critser, a liberal who wrote a book called Fat Land: How Americans Became the Fattest People in the World. He must have had a google alert or something set up because he found the post in time to make the first comment:

I think you are perfect scum and the only thing that might help you is if you mated with a “mulatto.”
Please die an early death.

This is worse than any flame I have ever gotten. I’ve never had anyone actually tell me who to have sex with and say they wanted me dead.

He didn’t say exactly what he actually found so upsetting, but I’m going to assume he was pissed that she dared to mention that the health care bill is going to be a disaster. What’s of interest here is the attitude towards women this shows.

Notice that he says that “mating with a mulatto” is the only thing that “might help” her. He didn’t try to deal with her mind, to persuade her of the rightness of his belief (or pretended belief) that the bill is going to work out well. Heck, why should he bother with her mind? She’s only a woman! She hasn’t even asked what it would take to redeem her in his eyes, he simply appointed himself the arbiter of what she is obliged to the universe to do, and already he has ruled out any other possibility. What if she read every liberal bestseller for the last decade, worked on campaigns for Democrats, and vowed to believe that Obama is the Messiah? Nope, that wouldn’t help, off with her knickers.

To the feminists who lurk here: this is the way liberals see you. If you were ever to dare go off message, stating that one particular policy or one particular politician was a bad one, however manifest the evidence, you shall then be designated as “scum” and deserving of untimely death. The only way in which you might then redeem yourself is on your back. Liberals do not believe that you ought to have the right to choose your own sex partners, but that you are obliged to sexually service partners whose qualities prove your utter submission to the liberal cause. Withhold sex from a black man? Clearly you are racist!

He doesn’t seem to be alone, either. One of her readers, a man, went to Critser’s blog and chided him for such a nasty and brainless attack. Critser didn’t even say “I didn’t literally mean that she ought to be forced to have sex with a man chosen to my specifications and then die.” No, what he said was, “Let’s let everyone decide if you are scum. Here the [sic] post in question:” and then he quoted the first couple paragraphs, where she worried about the poverty and prejudice this bill is going to lead to.

A few of his readers commented, vaguely expressing amazement that anyone would be so deranged as to say that this bill isn’t going to turn the country into Utopia, but not in the slightest upset that this liberal is ordering a woman to sexually service a man not of her own choosing and die.

Not only was that not a reasoned argument against anything she said, apparently he believes that anyone he has classified as “scum” does not deserve to live, or to escape sexual violation. Remember that when you support liberal politicians, feminists: the minute you defy them, they see you as meat to be used sexually or put to death.

Do you remember last year when that Holocaust denier posted angrily on his own blog because I wouldn’t post his antisemitic comments here and he insisted that feminists were joining white nationalism in droves because of the high black-on-white rape rate? He’s still wrong, but this is the kind of thing that makes him think it’s likely to happen. Though I doubt this blogger will join him even though she has just been informed that she is obliged to allow a half-black man to use her body whether she wants to or not; she’s Jewish.


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