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October 21, 2009

German doctor kidnapped and dumped before French courthouse

He is accused of raping and murdering his stepdaughter. But who would question her mother’s right to take the girl away from her father, the protector nature provided, and deliver her to a strange man who would have no genetic reason not to see her as a potential sex partner and a strong genetic motivation to kill her to free up resources for his own children? As was established in Roe vs. Wade, a mother’s gina tingle trumps her child’s life! Who cares if the children are murdered, as long as her cunt is wet!

As if to prove my point, the same website had this item:

One in two foster kids sexually abused

More on the nightmare that is modern Sweden: Toys”R”Us scolded for gender discrimination

Last winter, a sixth grade class at Gustavslund school in Växjö in south central Sweden reported Toys”R”Us to the Reklamombudsmannen (Ro), a self-regulatory agency which polices marketing and advertising communications in Sweden to ensure they are in line with guidelines set out by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

According to the youngsters, the Toys”R”Us Christmas catalogue featured “outdated gender roles because boys and girls were shown playing with different types of toys, whereby the boys were portrayed as active and the girls as passive”, according to a statement from Ro.

It’s appalling that the brainwashing is started this early. And of course, Toys R Us is quite right to accurately depict male and female behavior. If I had my way, any business whose advertisements gave the impression that it was acceptable for boys or girls to behave in a nontraditional fashion for their gender would be closed down and all culpable for the ad put in prison for life.

Rejected women sue Swedish university

The women claim they were denied admission into the psychology programme at Lund University in southern Sweden on account of their gender.

Probably they were passed over because they were too stupid for the program. Very few women – less than 10% of all women – are smart enough for college educations not to be wasted on them. But if the university had been discriminating, it would have been completely right to do so. Women need to be discouraged from gumming up the universities and workplaces. These things were created by men and belong to them by rights.

Why won’t criminals reveal all?

Vanessa George has admitted her crimes, but she will not tell the police what they need to hear.

Detectives estimate about 30 children and toddlers were victims of the Plymouth nursery worker, but think there is only a small chance of identifying them from the pictures.

Nursery monster Vanessa George to enjoy life of anonymity at taxpayers’ expense as furious parents call for her ‘to be skinned and rolled in salt’

Teenage mother who stubbed out cigarette on her baby daughter’s back because she was ‘stressed out’ is jailed

I thought about not posting these links for fear of attracting more idiot comments from antisemites, but what the hell, they’ll comment whether I post this or not. So, good news and bad news from Israel. First, the good news:

Court Rules: Husband and Wife are Equally Disbelieved

A significant ruling handed down in the Tel Aviv Magistrates Court last week may herald a new age: No longer is a husband accused of domestic violence considered guilty until proven innocent – and both husband and wife are equally disbelieved….

In the case at hand, after the man was arrested and sat in prison, evidence in his favor was produced, forcing the woman to withdraw her complaint and admit that he had never hit her.

The man did not take his “victory” easily, and sued the State for compensation for having been tried and incarcerated. Judge Shmuel Landman found that, in fact, there had been no cause for indictment and that the man deserves compensation.

Oh, by the way, it’s now a few weeks since I told Jonna that if she wanted another comment approved here, she would have to either 1) give the names of these mysterious feminists to whom she claims I owe my right to keep a blog, or else 2) admit that feminists did not, in fact, do that for me. I haven’t heard a peep from her since. She can’t name these feminists who won freedom of speech for me because they don’t exist, and she’s not honorable enough to admit that she was lying.

Now the bad news: Coming Soon: 26-Week Maternity Leave

Israeli women will soon have the right to take 26 weeks off from work following the birth of a child. The first 14 weeks will be paid for by the National Insurance Institute, while a law will be passed explicitly stating that the NII is not responsible to pay for the final 12 weeks.

The law allowing women to take six months of leave won government support Sunday. The bill was backed by MK Dalia Itzik of Kadima and MK Tzipi Hotovely of Likud.

Itzik said Sunday that winning support for the bill was “the beginning of a revolution in which we will bring Israel closer to the enlightened Western world.”

The proper amount of paid maternity leave is: NONE. A woman with a baby doesn’t have time for a job, she has important work to do at home. And that they would even ask just shows how clueless women are about the nature of the grownup world. They literally do not understand that the reason that men get paid and women, until feminist legislation, usually didn’t, was that MEN WERE DOING THE WORK. Women cannot comprehend that money is given to you in exchange for work. If you don’t work, you don’t deserve any money. See how that works? If you’re female, no, you probably don’t.


Female Rapists

July 9, 2009

Women Arrested for Indecent Behavior With Kids

Here’s a couple of articles that take seriously the effects of sexual abuse of boys by women.

Men Sexually Abused In Childhood Ten Times More Likely To Contemplate Suicide

Boys, Too, Suffer Long-term Consequences Of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Link dump

June 26, 2009

Women at war face sexual violence

Everybody’s supposed to have a battle buddy in the army, and females are supposed to have one to go to the latrines with, or to the showers – that’s so you don’t get raped by one of the men on your own side.

But because I was the only female there, I didn’t have a battle buddy. My battle buddy was my gun and my knife.

During my first few months in Iraq, my sergeant assaulted and harassed me so much I couldn’t take it any more. So I decided to report him.

But when I turned him in, they said, ‘The one common factor in all these problems is you. Don’t see this as a punishment, but we’re going to have you transferred.’

Then that same sergeant was promoted right away. I didn’t get my promotion for six months.

They transferred me from Mosul to Rawah. There were over 1,500 men in the camp and less than 18 women, so it wasn’t any better there than the first platoon I was in. I was fresh meat to the hungry men there.

I was less scared of the mortar rounds that came in every day than I was of the men who shared my food.

I never would drink late in the day, even though it was so hot, because the Port-a-Johns were so far away it was dangerous.

So I’d go for 16 hours in 140-degree heat and not drink. I just ate Skittles to keep my mouth from being too dry.

I collapsed from dehydration so often I have IV track lines from all the times they had to re-hydrate me.

Isn’t it horrible of sexist pigs like me to want these women to be denied equal opportunity in military deployment?

Feminism and the Male Brain by Naomi Wolf

The poor woman’s trying desperately to cling to some shred of feminism, but she’s honest enough to admit a few things:

The feminist critique, for example, has totally remade elementary-level education, where female decision-makers prevail: the construction of male hierarchies in the schoolyard is often redirected nowadays for fear of “bullying,” with boys and girls alike expected to “share” and “process” their emotions. But many educators have begun to argue that such intervention in what may be a hardwired aspect of “boy-ness” can lead to boys’ academic underperformance relative to girls, and to more frequent diagnoses of behavioral problems, attention deficit disorder, and so on….

Now a spate of scientific analyses, based on brain imaging technology and new anthropological and evolutionary discoveries, suggests that we may have had our heads in the sand, and that we must be willing to grapple with what seem to be at least some genuine, measurable differences between the sexes.

13 Year Old Boy Sleeps with Two Teachers

A Rogues’ Gallery of Rape-y Teachers

This is what happens in an environment where “female decision-makers prevail”: little boys being raped by cougars.

Women’s Brains Respond to Manly Men

It’s still biological. Evidence just keeps piling up.

Backlash: Women Bullying Women at Work

It’s probably no surprise that most of these bullies are men, as a survey by the Workplace Bullying Institute, an advocacy group, makes clear. But a good 40 percent of bullies are women. And at least the male bullies take an egalitarian approach, mowing down men and women pretty much in equal measure. The women appear to prefer their own kind, choosing other women as targets more than 70 percent of the time.

“I’ve been sabotaged so many times in the workplace by other women, I finally left the corporate world and started my own business,” said Roxy Westphal, who runs the promotional products company Roxy Ventures Inc. in Scottsdale, Ariz. She still recalls the sting of an interview she had with a woman 30 years ago that “turned into a one-person firing squad” and led her to leave the building in tears.

Love in the Time of Darwinism by Kay S. Hymowitz

Earlier this year, I published an article in City Journal called “Child-Man in the Promised Land.” The piece elicited a roaring flood of mailed and blogged responses, mostly from young men who didn’t much care for its title (a reference to Claude Brown’s 1965 novel Manchild in the Promised Land) or its thesis: that too many single young males (SYMs) were lingering in a hormonal limbo between adolescence and adulthood, shunning marriage and children, and whiling away their leisure hours with South Park reruns, marathon sessions of World of Warcraft, and Maxim lists of the ten best movie fart scenes.

It would be easy enough to hold up some of the callow ranting that the piece inspired as proof positive of the child-man’s existence. But the truth is that my correspondents’ objections gave me pause. Their argument, in effect, was that the SYM is putting off traditional markers of adulthood—one wife, two kids, three bathrooms—not because he’s immature but because he’s angry. He’s angry because he thinks that young women are dishonest, self-involved, slutty, manipulative, shallow, controlling, and gold-digging. He’s angry because he thinks that the culture disses all things male. He’s angry because he thinks that marriage these days is a raw deal for men.

Really? How on earth could any man have possibly reached such a conclusion?

In her interviews with 100 unmarried, college-educated young men and women, Jillian Straus, author of Unhooked Generation, discovered that a lot of women had “personal scripts”—explicit ideas about how a guy should act, such as walking his date home or helping her on with her coat.

She discusses the PUA community for several paragraphs.

Men are convinced that they are no worse—and probably a good deal better—than women in making these calculations. With good Darwinian logic, though, they believe that women tend to do their reckoning on the basis of wallet size rather than pulchritude. “Girls are really good at that kind of math,” one jaded twentysomething man writes to me about his entry-level salary. In a review of the movie Sex and the City, the English author Toby Young remembers the five years he had lived in New York: “Attractive single girls not only dropped their ‘dates’ at the slightest whiff of a bigger, better deal, they routinely betrayed their girlfriends, too.” (As his only half-facetious name suggests, Carrie’s Mr. Big is pure alpha—rich and, as if proving the conclusions of recovering nice guys everywhere, a bit of a jerk.)

Nowhere does she admit that the behavior of women in recent decades is responsible for male self-defense from it, but she at least gives MRAs a fair hearing for it.

She’s written a book about marriage which seems quite sensible:

A generation ago Americans undertook a revolutionary experiment to redefine marriage. Where historically men and women had sought a loving bond, largely centered on the rearing of children, the new arrangement called for an intimate—and provisional—union of two adults. Now, as Kay Hymowitz argues in Marriage and Caste in America, the results of this experiment separating marriage from childrearing are in, and they turn out to be bad news not only for children but also, in ways little understood, for the country as a whole. The family revolution has played a central role in a growing inequality and high rates of poverty, even during economic good times. The family upheaval has hit African-Americans especially hard, Ms. Hymowitz shows, as Daniel Patrick Moynihan had famously predicted it would. While for decades feminists and academics toyed with the myth of the strong single black mother supported by kinship networks, black men drifted into fatherhood without being husbands, without even becoming part of a family, while black children were left behind. When Americans began their family revolution, they forgot to consider what American marriage was designed to do: it ordered lives by giving the young a meaningful life script. It supported middle-class foresight, planning, and self-sufficiency. And it organized men and women around “The Mission”— nurturing their children’s cognitive, emotional, and physical development. More than anything, Ms. Hymowitz writes, it is The Mission that separates middle-class kids—who for all their overscheduling are doing very well indeed—from their less-parented and lower-achieving peers. In fact our great family experiment threatens to turn what the founders imagined as an opportunity-rich republic of equal citizens into a hereditary caste society.

Blogger Guy White hat tipped me for a cartoon. Here’s a couple of excellent posts from him:

Our Matriarchical Society

One soldier returned from Iraq in 1991 after spending half a year as POW and got arrested for non-payment of child support while a POW in Iraq. A man who spent 10 years in prison for a crime he proved he did not commit was still on the hook for child support for the time he was incarcerated. As was a man whose DNA test proved he’s not even the father. Even being in a coma is not a defense, as at least one man found out.

You lose your driver’s license, your professional licenses, liens are placed on you and your bank accounts. If you make any money, the wages are garnished. If you don’t find a job quick to pay off your child support debt, you’ll be thrown in jail for up to half a year. When you get out, you’ll still owe the money.

If your parents allow you to sleep on the couch in their living room, it is considered income and you must pay child support from it.

To make sure your life is completely ruined, if you marry again, your second wife will also have to pay your first one because the support is counted based on “family income”. So if your first wife is vindictive enough, she can prevent you from ever re-marrying. See, and you thought you were divorced and free to do as you pleased!

As this article points out, even if a DNA test absolves you of paternity, you might not be in the clear. One of these days, I might find myself the object of a paternity suit. How long do they think men will tolerate this? It can’t last forever.

Here’s an especially good one: More Feminist Regurgitation

Some feminist bimbo wrote claiming that women had invented a long list of things. One commenter patiently explains, “I can poke holes in this list of items ‘invented’ by women. This is actually a list of patents held by women NOT a list of original research and developed by women.”

The list is hilarious. Seems the life raft was invented by a woman in the late nineteenth century. For millenia before that, people who fell off ships just drowned, while the poor dumb men stood on deck wishing there were some way of putting something in the water that might float and give the drowners something to grab onto.

Included on the list is the ironing board and the chocolate chip cookie. No, really. Also alphabet blocks. As one commenter says,

What the hell are alphabet blocks? The things kids play with? Congratulations, womankind. I guess my gender will have to content ourselves with the fact that we invented THE ALPHABET!

February 21, 2009

Abuse more a risk in non-traditional families

NEW YORK — Six-year-old Oscar Jimenez Jr. was beaten to death in California, then buried under fertilizer and cement. Two-year-old Devon Shackleford was drowned in an Arizona swimming pool. Jayden Cangro, also 2, died after being thrown across a room in Utah.

In each case, as in many others every year, the alleged or convicted perpetrator had been the boyfriend of the child’s mother — men thrust into father-like roles which they failed to embrace.

Extended Education and the Feminization of Society

December 22, 2008

Dusk In Autumn sometimes writes about the way adults strive to retard the natural maturation of teenagers and young adults, to artificially extend childhood. I was thinking about this because he posted about it a couple of days ago, plus the unhealthiness of stretching “education” far into what should be the productive years of adulthood is always in my mind.

The fact is, the artificial prolonging of childhood into the 20’s is part of the encroaching matriarchy. Think about it. Women were designed by nature itself to deal with children. Children are the only humans who are less powerful than women. Of course women feel comfortable dealing with children!

It’s no wonder that women allowed power in society will try to turn everybody into children.

Yet more on lethal stepdads

December 16, 2008

Usually I don’t come across this many articles on the subject in one day. The simple fact is, women can’t be trusted with their own children. Not unless they are under the authority of a man with an interest in the child living.

Hog-tie mum Rebecca Mae Haliday pregnant again

A FORMER Caboolture woman jailed in 2003 for the sickening “hog-tying” death of her 18-month-old daughter has revealed she is going to be a mother again.

Haliday and her former boyfriend Daniel Ronald Green, now 30, were both jailed for six years for the manslaughter of her youngest child Beanca Newman, who died in 2001 in their caravan home, north of Brisbane.

She also had a son, two-and-a-half, at the time of Beanca’s death.

The pair admitted Beanca was tied up with rolled bedsheets night after night for weeks to teach her “that bedtime was bedtime”.

Haliday, then 20, did not take part in the restraining process but was conjointly charged because she consented to it. She told police that in the final weeks she believed the restraints were strengthened, as Green “hogtied” together Beanca’s separately bound hands and feet.

The toddler eventually died in her sleep from a combination of pneumonia and asphyxia.

Notice that they sidestep the question of who the biological father was, even though it’s obvious it wasn’t the abusive boyfriend; they say that “she” had two children, and that the surviving child is now being raised by his paternal grandmother.

News of Haliday’s pregnancy follows a spate of shocking child neglect cases around the country which have prompted the Federal Government to announce plans for a national strategy to tackle the issue.

A “national strategy”. How about a natural strategy? Like, you know, FATHERS?

New partners often fatal ‘fathers’

FOUR out of eight children whose deaths were reviewed by a special Queensland government committee, died at the hands of their mothers’ new partners….

While all eight who died from assault were killed by relatives, most were slain by their mothers’ new boyfriends….

Domestic violence expert Elspeth McInnes said research showed that father figures – particularly stepfathers or other non-biological figures – posed the biggest threat to children.

Gosh! Imagine that!

“This is why you need a strong community around families noticing when this sort of violence is occurring.”

No, this is why you need fathers, to protect their children from whatever scumbags their mother feels like fucking.

Other child death statistics recently released by the Commission for Children and Young People showed that of the 11 children who died from assault in 2007-08, 10 were killed by a parent or step-parent.

Mothers + Stepfathers = Infanticide

December 16, 2008

Beenleigh District Court told toddler was bashed, tied, beaten

I saw the headline and clicked, as I always do when I see child abuse headlines, to confirm that the biological father wasn’t responsible. He never is. Well, in maybe 1% of cases. Mother custody of children is pretty much mass murder of children.

The court was told how she stood by while her de facto husband, 35, punished the boy and his two sisters, four and five, for minor misdemeanours, such as looking at him the “wrong way”.

“De facto husband”. Thank heavens the Sexual Revolution has made women feel free to shack up with men who won’t commit to them!

The court was told all three children were subjected to periods of “long time out” for relatively mild indiscretions such as looking at their stepfather – who moved in with their mother shortly after they met on the internet – the “wrong way” or “eyeballing him”.

It also revealed the mother was caught on closed-circuit television cameras “buying confectionary-type items” at the time her son was clinging to life.

The court was told the woman allowed her de facto to force her five-year-old daughter to eat and drink from a pet food bowl and move about on her hands and knees like a dog.

Feminism and the extension of childhood

March 30, 2008

Over the past century, childhood has been artificially lengthened, as has the artificial invention known as “adolescence”, to the great detriment of young people and society in general. When adults have been forced to pretend to be children, and denied any responsibility, until years after the age at which they should have been marrying, having children, and doing jobs, can they ever attain maturity? Certainly it will be arrested, and those who insist on maturing normally as our genes require, in their teens, are trapped in an intolerable situation.

Certainly those scoundrels who would like to create a single world dictatorship are happy to extend childhood. Children are a lot easier to control than adults; give them enough candy and cartoons, and most of them won’t even notice what you’re doing to them.

But this is also another example of how the natural feminine impulses of feminists are useful to aspiring dictators. The nature of reality is such that straight women are always dependent. Despite the propaganda in various movies and TV shows, the reality is that a woman cannot provide for herself while she has prepubscent children. In addition, women do need men to protect them; if not a father or husband, then policemen and soldiers. Women have only invaded the workplace as they have by whining for some men – judges and legislators – to force other men to put up with them. Most of the neurological differences between men and women exist because the survival of a cavewoman depended on getting some caveman to let her depend on him.

So in a sense, straight women are always children. Some of you may have noticed that after menopause, many of them grow up considerably; this is because, without babies or potential babies to provide for, they don’t have as strong a dependence on others. Many women, of course, are so accustomed to the childishness nature requires of them that they never give it up, even when their hormones would allow it.

Because of this, extending childhood seems normal to straight women. Dependence on someone else to provide? Why, that’s normal! What difference does it make whether it’s a husband or a father or the government? Dependence on someone else to come in and make everyone play fair? Why, that’s normal! What difference does it make whether it’s a parent or a teacher or a husband or the court system? Straight women seldom truly grow up, that’s why they see nothing wrong with the laws and social customs we now have that extend childhood well into adulthood.