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Feminism and Eating Disorders

August 16, 2008

Feminists really don’t want to face the fact that eating disorders, which are almost entirely a female complaint, were virtually nonexistent in the bad old days of patriarchy and then skyrocketed with Women’s Lib.

It isn’t surprising. Feminism destroyed marriage, which means that women can’t hope that anything other than a sexy body will keep their husband in their lives. In sane eras, the affection built up over years and the shared responsibilities of parenthood did it pretty well, enough that many older women could even cope with their husbands having affairs because they knew he would still come home to them. Also, women used to get married young, but feminism has encouraged them to wait until they’ve lost their looks, figures, and fertility, so women are obsessed with keeping their figures long past the age when nature intended. Hence, anorexia and bulimia.

Most overweight women, also, are subconsciously trying to keep men away, for various reasons. They might also be lonely and wish they could attract men, but down deep, they distrust men. Why? Because, again, feminism has screwed up relations between the sexes. When respectable women knew they wouldn’t be expected to provide sex to men who hadn’t committed to them, and that the commitment was real, men weren’t so threatening and few women had reason to keep them away.

An Italian doctor named De Giacomo has come up with a highly effective treatment for anorexia, which he discusses in his book Finite Systems and Infinite Interactions. His prescription is simple: the anorexic and her father are to take a month’s vacation together, and spend the time learning about each other. He has persuaded 22 families to try this remedy, and it succeeded in 21 of them.

Yet more proof that fathers are necessary.