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February 10, 2009

The RL monster has been consuming too much of my time as of late, so I haven’t been posting here as often. However, I do have quite a few links saved up that I want to share with you all:

Further Reading for the Modern Anti-Suffragist
I shall be adding this to my sidebar!

Why The ‘Perfect’ Body Isn’t Always Perfect: How Hormones Interact With Waist-to-hip Ratios In Women
Get a load of how they spin this lack of femininity:

Having an imperfect body may come with some substantial benefits for some women, according to a new article in the December issue of Current Anthropology.
The hormones that make women physically stronger, more competitive and better able to deal with stress also tend to redistribute fat from the hips to the waist, according to Elizabeth Cashdan, an anthropologist at the University of Utah. So in societies and situations where women are under pressure to procure resources, they may be less likely to have the classic hourglass figure.

Liking men in the superior position

“I like superior men,” Carole Lombard says
By Carole Lombard
I could never admire a man unless he were superior to me in most ways, rather domineering in manner, and a much better player than worker.

Math gender gap news

Patients struggle to find women doctors

PATIENTS who wish to consult female doctors are struggling, as the state suffers from a statewide shortage of women GPs.

Fight, Flight . . . or Tend and Befriend?

When Shelley Taylor at UCLA looked at the research on fight or flight, she found that it was primarily based on studying men. In her studies of women, she found a very different response to fear, which she termed “tend and befriend.” It also had biological underpinnings. When women sensed a threat, they emitted oxytocin, sometimes called the bonding hormone. Rather than fight or flee, they would talk, soothe, and try to connect. I saw a similar response to fear when I worked with women rape victims. Many reported that rather than fight off their assailant or try to flee, they were kind to the rapist in hopes that he would change his mind.

It’s a boy! Asian immigrants use medical technology to satisfy age-old desire: a son

A Columbia University study suggests that Chinese, Indian and Korean immigrants have been using medical technology, most likely including abortion, to assure their later children were boys.

Florence King:

Computers are delicate mechanisms whose power resides in mysterious interior places; there is no way of knowing whether or not they will respond; they react with hysteria to some little problem that wouldn’t bother anybody but a computer; and they have achieved the status of “can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em.” It’s only a matter of time before they join ships under the mantle of “she,” but the techno-snots will never caress the word as sailors do.

The Uneven Playing Field

Title IX, the federal law enacted in 1972 mandating equal opportunity in sports, has helped to shape a couple of generations of girls who believe they are as capable and as tough as any boy….

This casualty rate was not due to some random spike in South Florida. It is part of a national trend in the wake of Title IX and the explosion of sports participation among girls and young women. From travel teams up through some of the signature programs in women’s college sports, women are suffering injuries that take them off the field for weeks or seasons at a time, or sometimes forever.

Girls and boys diverge in their physical abilities as they enter puberty and move through adolescence. Higher levels of testosterone allow boys to add muscle and, even without much effort on their part, get stronger. In turn, they become less flexible. Girls, as their estrogen levels increase, tend to add fat rather than muscle. They must train rigorously to get significantly stronger. The influence of estrogen makes girls’ ligaments lax, and they outperform boys in tests of overall body flexibility — a performance advantage in many sports, but also an injury risk when not accompanied by sufficient muscle to keep joints in stable, safe positions. Girls tend to run differently than boys — in a less-flexed, more-upright posture — which may put them at greater risk when changing directions and landing from jumps. Because of their wider hips, they are more likely to be knock-kneed — yet another suspected risk factor.

Are Women Human and Other Feminist Straw-Men

How do you feel about the fact that feminists passed a law that makes physical incapacity NOT to be an excuse for non-payment of child support? In one case in 1991, a US soldier who spent 5.5 months as an Iraqi POW was arrested on the very FIRST DAY back from Iraq. In another case, a man who was in a coma was arrested after waking up for not paying to his ex-wife while he was in a coma. In several cases, men who were imprisoned and proved with DNA evidence that they were wrongfully convicted were never let out of prison because they didn’t pay to their ex-wives while in prison (child support remains the same if you lose your job because you are arrested).

Educational gender parity and the paralyzation of the womb
Gender parity, female educational attainment, and fecundity in the US

Reason women don’t belong in politics #2370293847

This reminds me of how, the day after the inauguration, several of my female classmates were discussing how much they loved Michelle Obama’s dress and how excited they were to have a First Lady whose fashion they can follow closely.

Throwing like a girl(’s brain)

In fact, the empirical gulf between average throwing ability in men and women is huge (just as it is symbolically important), dwarfing virtually any other measurable difference between the sexes, even things like aggression, frequency of masturbation, attitudes towards casual sex, and spatial abilities on paper-and-pencil tests.

For the record, I throw like a girl.

Finally, this cheered me up yesterday:
Roissy in DC

If there were any remaining doubts that giving women the right to vote has been an unmitigated disaster for America, this article should dispel them. Most women, especially single SWPLers and undersexed hausfraus bitter about being married to quisling betas, are simply unserious creatures who will let their emotions guide them to vote away the political and social arrangements that created the modern yenta-fied culture that affords them the luxury of voting like vapid teenage girls.