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March 5, 2008

To my surprise and delight, some of the very antifeminist bloggers I have been reading and learning from and gaining relief from for a couple of years now have discovered my blog here, and linked to me. Counter-Feminist was even kind enough to devote a post to me!

CF cordially critiqued my approach, and he does have a point, but I don’t intend to change it. I started this blog because I needed a vent. I have to keep my mouth shut most of the time. I was talking to a female friend of mine, who only knows that I’m in favor of full-time mothers (shocking enough in this day and age), and the Nineteenth Amendment came up in passing. She remarked, “I find it amusing that they thought we couldn’t handle all that, voting and business.” I had to sit there and bite my tongue so as not to point out that “they” have since been proven abundantly right.

I keep an LJ with which I keep in contact with people who share my hobbies, and of course most of them assume that the ends of feminism are an indisputable good. Once I linked the article – you can find it in my sidebar – about how mothers whose military husbands are overseas abuse their children more, with no comment, and I got indignant comments saying how unfair the article was to the nonabusive mothers who are carrying on with their husbands far away and in danger, and other comments pointing out that fathers commit child abuse too, etc. It takes so little to set off feminist indignation even in relatively sane people these days, because they have been trained carefully for that. I needed a place where I could say exactly what I think.

Besides which, it’s vitally important that not only antifeminist, but male chauvinist theories get a hearing. I’m a well-read intellectual, but still the ideas introduced to me by such sages as Daniel Amneus were completely new to me. Worse, I soon realized that until the 1960’s, those very ideas were simply common sense. Mr. Amneus expressed them in a more sophisticated fashion, but everyone understood and accepted their truth. The feminist propaganda machine has left us without ammunition. When I tried to explain to some friends why default father custody is a necessity for civilization, the most they were able to concede was that default mother custody was unfair, and divorce courts ought to spend more time with each divorcing couple to figure out which parent would be the best for those particular children.

So I will be writing up my philosophy of male chauvinism here, bit by bit. I don’t expect to change the minds of feminists, as they have come to their conclusions by way of emotion rather than reason. I am writing for my fellow antifeminists and misogynists, to help them as other antifeminist and male chauvinist writers have helped me make sense of what is happening to our civilization. And, in the fullness of time, to take action.

EDIT: Another of my favorite MRA bloggers, Hawaiian Libertarian, also made a post about me! I’m tremendously flattered.


Why I Am A Male Chauvinist

March 4, 2008

Recently a commenter suggested that I post about how I became a female misogynist. I’ve been thinking about what to post.

I could summarize my life story, which has been an object lesson – though far from the worst one I know of – in the disastrous effects of allowing women power in society, but then, whose hasn’t? Most people of my generation and younger had mothers who were happy to be told that being a mother was something you could do in your spare time, between more important, “fulfilling” pursuits.

No one has been able to remain unaware that our schools, which are run almost entirely by women, have become hotbeds of violence and sexual assault in which little if any “learning” takes place, so I don’t need to recount my personal saga of spending my childhood being beaten up and groped by boys while the teachers watched happily, giggling girlishly when one of the boys glanced her way. Just last night I came across this: Girls Accepting Sexual Assault At School As Fact Of Life. Consider this carefully: this is a realm where the authority figures are almost all female, and girls are completely unsafe from boys in it. This is precisely the opposite of what feminists keep claiming will happen if they’re in charge. (Also take into account that many of these boys who terrorized me were denied a male authority figure at home by divorce. The overwhelming majority of violent criminals, welfare recipients, and substance abusers come from fatherless homes.)

Then there’s the many female friends who turned on me for the most incredibly superficial reasons. No amount of generosity on my part could forestall this: gifts, shelter, financial support, a sympathetic ear, favors, hopping on a plane at a moment’s notice (in October of 2001, no less) because I was needed, everything I could give did me no good when I had served my purpose and the female in question was bored with me. This is why divorce is so hard to get in civilized countries; women, by nature, will drop people when they’re no longer amusing or useful. When they’re in a chimpanzee troop or a primitive tribe, this is only sensible for keeping the species going, but for a civilization, it pretty much sucks. Women with a sense of loyalty exist, but they are very rare. But everyone who has entrusted a woman with affection has experienced this.

And of course, there’s the women I’ve dated. Being a female misogynist is an uncomfortable position for a lesbian, but it’s also damn near inescapable. When I first came out of the closet, I rented a movie called Bar Girls, about a bunch of constantly shifting, insanely neurotic lesbian romantic relationships. I thought it was impossibly over the top. Of course, at that point I’d only had one date. One year later, I had been in several relationships every bit as insane. I spent two years in the lesbian dating game, experiencing firsthand what the Sexual Revolution has done to people’s ability to commit. The straight women who write Cosmo are always complaining that they can’t get men to commit to marriage. The women I’ve dated couldn’t handle commitments along the lines of “I’ll meet you at eight”. I dated one woman for two weeks. Not only was she unable to stay faithful for an entire fortnight, I also caught her in four separate lies – which means there must be more I didn’t stick around long enough to find out about. Then there was the one who was sleeping with several other people and using drugs, both of which she lied about right up until the end. And the one who whined and whined about how her ex-girlfriend had battered her and cheated on her, and then dumped me when that same ex asked her to come back. The only lesbians I know who don’t have a supply of similar horror stories are the ones who haven’t dated yet. And I know that straight men get put through the exact same wringers.

I had dreamed of meeting Miss Right and settling down with her and raising a family, a proper loving family to compensate for the one I didn’t have growing up. (This, by the way, is one of the most damaging effects of feminism’s erosion of commitment. In past eras, people who were unfortunate enough to be born into unloving families could marry as soon as they became adults and create families of their own, where they could create the warmth and security they had always lacked. Nowadays, everyone has been trained to think of divorce, serial polygamy, late marriage and promiscuity as normal, so we don’t have that option. If your parents didn’t have the whim to give you affection, you’re probably out of luck for life.) After a couple of years of finding out what dating women was like, I stopped dating and haven’t for years.

So really, my story is pretty normal. I had an irresponsible feminist mother, vicious incompetent feminist teachers, backstabbing fickle feminist female friends, and lying unfaithful girlfriends. Currently, I have many female friends, but I keep all but one of them at arms’ length, because I am no longer able to trust females. The one exception, well, she’s definitely an outlier, like Condi Rice, Margaret Thatcher, Elizabeth I, etc. Even so, if she and I had met a couple of years later, when my bitterness towards my own sex had hardened more, we probably wouldn’t have become close friends.

The real question is, why aren’t more people misogynists and/or male chauvinists? We all go through the same stuff. The reason, I believe, is that we’ve been conditioned to think that modern loneliness and untrustworthiness are normal, even though in living memory things were very different. Also, there is the massive propaganda blaming all the horrible problems which have come into existence during the decades of feminism, all of which were virtually nonexistent before feminism, on “the patriarchy” – you know, that thing we put an end to four decades ago.

It was dating women that really opened my eyes. Back when I dated men (or teenage boys, when I was a teen), I had some bad experiences. But the worst of them pale in significance compased to what even the best of my girlfriends did. My girlfriends routinely lied to me, lied about me, cheated on me, stood me up, and broke promises. None of my boyfriends did any of that. Really, most of my boyfriend troubles were caused by me having high expectations (out of loneliness) that they had done nothing to invite. After a few trips around the block I stopped expecting my boyfriends to give more than they promised, and only one led me to expect more than he gave. All of my girlfriends did that.

That’s how I became a misogynist, but misogyny is just an emotion. It’s a dislike or hatred of women. I’ve always been a compulsive reader, and I started noticing more and more stray facts that conflicted with feminist gospel. Being of an intellectual bent, I started investigating to see if my impressions were supported by facts.

It took a lot of digging. Feminists try to present themselves as a beleaguered minority, surrounded on every side by Neanderthals who constantly preach the inferiority of women, but try to find male chauvinist books and see if you can keep believing that. But I persevered, ordering expensive out of print books, scouring the internet, hunting through long books about neurology and history and so on to find one or two pertinent facts that had been allowed to slip through.

But really, once you allow yourself to question feminist orthodoxy, you suddenly realize that there is not a shred of evidence that female political equality with men is a good thing. When women are allowed to vote, they vote for socialist economics and appeasement foreign policy. When women are allowed to run an institution, such as the school system, it goes to hell. When women are allowed to abandon their families, they do. Every advance of science, art, and thought, with a miniscule handful of exceptions, has been achieved by men. As David Stove put it: “Now, Christianity has sometimes made its way, sometimes without obstacles, sometimes even with obstacles; whereas the supposed equal intellectual capacity of women has never made its way, with or even without obstacles. Yet female intellectual capacity has obviously been tried in a far greater number of cases, and in a far wider variety of circumstances, than Christianity.”

One of the male chauvinist books I read (I’m sorry, I don’t remember which) had a good example. For thousands of years, babies were delivered by midwives. Women had complete control of this profession. It never even occurred to the men who ruled the societies to interfere with midwifery. None of these women with the freedom and opportunity for hands-on experience invented the forceps. Instead, a man named Peter Chamberlen invented them around 1600, when the idea of male doctors delivering babies was still a controversial idea, and one chiefly engaged in by the decadent rich. In other words, men had scarcely arrived on the scene before they were inventing things that women had not imagined in thousands of years.

There are exceptions to this general rule, yes. There are a small handful of female geniuses who also have the temperament for the hard work necessary for great achievements. But the vast majority of women do not. They will be mediocre in the workplace. And unless she is curing cancer, every woman will be making a far more important contribution to society by giving birth to and loving a child than she could ever possibly make in the workplace.

We have now had forty years of feminism. Are people happier? Is the economy healthier? Is crime lower? Is the world a more peaceful place? Have racism, poverty, and dictatorship in the world decreased? Are children better educated? The answer is a resounding no. Feminism has been an unqualified disaster.

The 1920’s-1950’s era is the one in which humans came the closest to getting it right, except that women were allowed to vote. But women were sensibly barred from serving on juries in most places. Women were allowed to own and control property. It was understood that most women would be full-time wives and mothers, but those who didn’t have a husband to support them (often because they were widowed), or those few who genuinely felt the desire and had the ability to pursue a professional career, could and did. Society still had sufficiently strong disapprobation of promiscuity, and laws about legitimacy and marriage were still sane enough, that a young woman could even leave her parents’ home and live alone or with other young women without it being assumed that she was a floozy. Times have changed, and not for the better.

To be a misogynist and a male chauvinist is simply to acknowledge the facts of reality. I wish that none of this was true, but the evidence is overwhelming and conclusive. There is not one speck of evidence that feminism is a good thing. If governments do not resurrect “sexist” policies of the past, the granddaughters of the women who burned their bras will be wearing burquas.