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August 13, 2009

I won’t be posting much for a while because real life is keeping me busy and worn out. However, I do have a few links to share.

Here’s a very interesting new blog: Beta Revolution.

Beta – This word will, for simplicity’s sake, be used as a noun. You may ask why for this, and not for that? Well, it’s a revolution you see. Labeling a man an alpha posits certain benefits for which betas may not naturally be accustomed to claiming, not that every beta ought to claim them or necessarily needs to. So beta is a noun which identifies each of us as brothers. Characteristics of betas happen to be necessary for the functioning of civilization, but they are also neglected by the evolutionarily-endowed subconscious of woman.

Whiskey has a good post about the gym shootings.

Which leads to the most disturbing thing about our society today. Even with the rash of shootings, America is so big (303 million people and counting) that the shootings have only a minor affect on society, outside the tragedy for the victims and survivors. But the shootings point to a larger issue: the loss of investment of men in society. An investment that keeps even crazy people from targeting society itself, particularly innocent people, and makes men respond to a threat by risking or giving up their lives to save it’s foundation: women and children.

He also has a post about how Hollywood is promoting female infidelity.

I’ve continued to read Vox Popoli. There’s some important things I disagree with him about, but he is gratifyingly antifeminist and roasts our so-called educational system frequently. Here he discusses why women’s suffrage was a bad idea. Here he discusses a middle-aged woman who “cheats, divorces, and therefore concludes the institution of marriage must be outmoded.”

The Friday Challenge muses on the antimale bias of TV shows. This bugs me a lot, and it bothers ordinary women too. I can’t find the link now, but I read a woman who complained about commercials, saying, “You’re not going to sell to me by saying that my husband is an idiot!”

Here’s more on feminism promoting the murder of women: Sweden allows sex-selective abortions. That’s the difference between me and feminists: I don’t try to get women and girls killed. They do.


New Antifeminist Blogs!

July 2, 2009

First, the Editrix has started a new blog focusing on feminist folly:

The Most Destructive Single Cause for the Decline of our Western Civilization

And how.

Already she’s reposted several of her antifeminist posts from her older blog at the new one.

And another, which I found when looking through my archive of links.

Curb Feminists!

Addition to the blogroll

May 31, 2009

Via a comment the blogger left on this blog, I found a very good MRA blog: Hunting for Archetypes. Go check it out! I’m about to add this savvy gentleman to my blogroll.

MRA blog feed!

March 6, 2008

I just found out about this page:

It’s a blogroll of many MRA blogs, including this one. So if there’s a blog or two I haven’t found on my own, or if I don’t want to click on every single one, I can use this page. Excellent!