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How Feminism Destroyed Real Men

May 20, 2009

How Feminism Destroyed Real Men

I’m always telling my wife, the writer Liz Jones, to shut up. She gets into a prissy huff about it, but I know she respects me for not indulging her neuroticism. Long ago, I realised it is unhealthy for a man to embroil himself in arguments with women.

While men want an argument to make sense and have a rational conclusion, women solely want the argument itself: it’s a pressure valve for their emotions, and once they get started there is no stopping them.

I have a very low boredom threshold; I can’t bear having protracted discussions about where my wife and I ‘are going’. Nor can I bear to listen to the gossipy, highly detailed ‘He said, she said’ monologues that women drift into when telling you about their day.

I deal with these elements of the female personality with impassive indifference. People might call me a sexist pig, but I am the opposite. I love women, and I love my wife because she is brilliant and incredibly strong.

Hat tip Alpha Dominance.

What’s sad is, the most important man in my life before I came out of the closet did that exact same female thing. He liked to have long, pointless arguments and got mad at me for trying to bring them around to a point and a logical resolution. He grew up without a father, unsurprisingly. Many men have become so feminized that they have the same frustrating qualities that women do.


Link Dump

July 17, 2008

I’ve also added a few links to the sidebars.

Angry Women Lose Big
(Oh…and Men Have a Problem, Too)

Studies suggest women, but not men, lose status in the workplace when they get angry.

We Scream, We Swoon. How Dumb Can We Get?

“Women ‘Falling for Obama,’ ” the story’s headline read. Elsewhere around the country, women were falling for the presidential candidate literally. Connecticut radio talk show host Jim Vicevich has counted five separate instances in which women fainted at Obama rallies since last September. And I thought such fainting was supposed to be a relic of the sexist past, when patriarchs forced their wives and daughters to lace themselves into corsets that cut off their oxygen.

A Boyhood Stolen

John Colapinto’s well-documented, lucid book is mainly an account of the devastating consequences of raising a boy as a girl. Unfortunately it deals with an actual case. It is a horror story of malpractice, incompetence, and evil among doctors, sex researchers, psychologists, and social activists. Colapinto reveals how the exploitation, manipulation, and mutilation of one unfortunate child was allowed to stand for years as a textbook case of progressive thinking and therapy, and lead to untold grief for many other children. Like a cutaway picture of a mineshaft, the book also lays bare down to the core one of the subterraneous structures on which the dark side of the culture wars is based.

The Pussification Of The Western Male

We have become a nation of women.

It wasn’t always this way, of course. There was a time when men put their signatures to a document, knowing full well that this single act would result in their execution if captured, and in the forfeiture of their property to the State. Their wives and children would be turned out by the soldiers, and their farms and businesses most probably given to someone who didn’t sign the document.

Wimps, Whiners, Weenies: Men in Movies Today

Run your eyes over this list and tell me what these men have in common: Mel Gibson, Russell Crowe, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Liam Neeson, Pierce Brosnan, Paul Hogan, Jet Li, Chow Yun-Fat, Sean Connery.

That’s right, they’re today’s top Hollywood tough guys, heart throbs, and macho men. But there’s something else they share–they’re all foreigners. Gibson, Crowe, and Hogan are Australian. Van Damme is Belgian and Neeson is Irish. Schwarzenegger was born and raised in Austria. Martial artists Chow Yun-Fat and Jet Li come from China. Brosnan and Connery are British. Why must the land of the free and the home of the brave import most of its on-screen testosterone? Where have America’s strong male icons gone?

It’s too late for Swedish men.

April 2, 2008

Stockholm Syndrome: Men are the new women

I realised that when it comes to their appearance, Swedish men are real pros, truly dedicated. A shop window, the mirror in a bar toilet, the back of a spoon – no opportunity to spot an out of place hair is missed. They are like preening peacocks. They are like women….

Could this be the result of feminism? Despite successes unmatched in the rest of the world, feminism in Sweden has utterly failed to persuade Swedish women to adopt a more sexually neutral dress sense. (And I for one am grateful for that.)

So did feminism, in its unrelenting pursuit of equality, turn its big guns on men? Was it a case of ‘If we can’t make the women more like men, let’s make the men more like women’?

This is, after all, a recent phenomenon and older Swedish men shake their unkempt heads in despair.

Die Männlichkeit

January 22, 2008

Today’s email delivered two troubling articles to me:

In Search of the Real Man: Who is really on top in Germany?


Changing Attitudes Ring Death Knell for the German Macho

So on the one hand, German men are becoming steadily emasculated. On the other hand, Germany currently harbors more terrorist cells than any other European country. You don’t suppose there could be a connection, do you? Maybe German men with a moral sense are too pussywhipped to face terrorists, and German men who still have their Nüsse have no place they can go to act like men except terrorist cells. This is something that doesn’t seem to have occurred to feminists of either sex: when you rob men of all moral, constructive ways of being men, a lot of them will resort to immoral, destructive ways rather than live like eunuchs.

The first article discusses a book which sounds like I’d very much like to read it, but unfortunately, I don’t speak German: “Entitled ‘Echte Männer – Ein Leben im verborgenen’ (Real Men – A Secret Life), the book highlights the sad lot of the free-thinking German man, driven into darkness and despair at the hands of independently-minded women. While it doesn’t pretend to be profound, the book does raise some issues about the male German psyche. Do men, for example, really harbor a desire to be captain of the domestic ship on which their first mate wives and girlfriends are to follow orders with a sweet salute?” Perish the thought!

There’s some of the usual bullshit – or perhaps it would be more appropriate to call it “oxshit” – about how men who want to be the leaders in their families are secretly horribly insecure behind their “macho facades”. Where does this theory come from? There is no supporting evidence except in fiction written by feminists and manginas. The article also claims that men who have abdicated the responsibilities of manhood are the happiest. “Rather than a crisis-inducer, both he and Lohsa see gender equality as a great opportunity for modern men to shrug off some of the responsibilities they have been carting around with them since their dawning day — the pressures of being the sole breadwinner, for example.” They actually spelled it out here – a chance to escape from responsibility is a “great opportunity”.