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How dare men hang out with other men!

November 28, 2009

Sissyfuss in Vain

Apparently there has been much screeching by feminists in opposition to the establishment of so-called men’s societies at English universities. The founder of one of these societies pleads for acceptance:

Raping the Military

That relentlessly liberal magazine, In These Times, has just published a long article on rape in the military [Why Soldiers Rape, by Helen Benedict, August 13, 2008]. Echoing the now-fashionable view, it explains that a rapist is “a torturer who uses sex as a weapon to degrade and destroy his victims”. It blames rape on a military “culture of misogyny.” It reports that the 14 percent of the armed forces who are now women must submit to “military language” that reveals “unabashed hatred of women,” and that rape and sexual assault have been a problem for decades.

The proposed solution: A radical revamping of military “culture” to make soldiering safe for women.

Let us stop for a moment and remind ourselves what soldiers are for. Their job is to find and kill the enemy. Ever since the Stone Age, it has been clear that the best people for that job are tough, aggressive young men. Soldiers have to kick down doors, stay cool under fire, and if need be, kill people with their bare hands. They may have to spend hours humping artillery shells, marching in the heat in combat gear, or live for days in the same clothes. What’s more, in today’s all-volunteer army, they have to want to do these things.

The Feminist Road to Abu Ghraib by Angela Fiori

The Abu Ghraib scandal, more than any U.S. military scandal in recent memory, has exposed the utter depravity of allowing women to enter the armed services. As pictures of the tomboyish U.S. Pfc. Lynndie England made their way around the world last week, it turns out contrary to some reports that labeled her a guard at the prison, England was actually an inmate-processing clerk. In other words, the multiple photos of her dragging a man across the floor on a leash, giving the thumbs up over a pile of nude Iraqi men, and standing in front of hooded men pretending to fire rifle shots at their penises, these photos were all taken while she was visiting her boyfriend, Cpl. Charles Graner, while he was in charge of prisoners at Abu Ghraib.

England is now detained at Fort Bragg in North Carolina, four months pregnant with Graner’s child. Hence even if she hadn’t participated in the Abu Ghraib S&M Show, she wouldn’t have remained in service and been much use to the military. Playing probably an ever bigger role in the scandal than England was another woman, Sabrina Harman. Harman took the photos (note feminist Laura Berman’s attempt to blame the male Graner for this), participated in torturing the hooded Iraqi seen in one photo standing on a box with wires coming from his hands, wrote “rapeist” on another prisoner’s leg, and best yet, posed for a photo with a corpse, a man who had been beaten to death at the prison. While Harman’s parents are claiming she took the photos to document the abuse, other evidence indicates she was an enthusiastic participant, often running and jumping on piles of stacked, nude Iraqi men to crush and hurt them.

Kara Hultgren was never an ace pilot, but died in 1994 trying to land an F-14 on a Navy carrier. The Navy tried to cover up her incompetence by first blaming the crash on a mechanical failure. The real investigation found that she’d been cleared to fly despite twice committing the same landing error that eventually killed her.

Karpinski: Blame It on the Jews

Brigadier General Janis Karpinski, suspended over allegations of prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib, has apparently decided on a tactic to deflect attention away from herself—blame it on the Jews. (Hat tip: AG in Houston.)

The Nerd Sex Why beta males are homophiles

My theory is that beta males are generally more receptive to homosexual thoughts and “gender theory” bullshit because betas, being passive followers, are more likely to see themselves as the woman in any relationship–even if they are not attracted to men they see themselves as the subordinate partner.

This explains many nerd fetishes and preferences, for example the way nerd fiction idolizes powerful women (i.e. men with breasts) even though reality gives very few examples of powerful women, and certainly not physically powerful. (Women themselves do not fantasize about having physical power.)

Maybe straight women don’t. I do. It’s funny, actually: two weeks ago I was bitching to my friends that I wished I were Superman. (At that moment I could have really used superstrength.) But I know that there are more women who don’t have Superman type fantasies than men who don’t. I once read a stupid article by a feminist using her anecdotal experience of this to prove something or other about women being more mature or some such crap. It was pre-internet, so I don’t think I can find it to link to.

Look at their hero, Barry Obama, a classic conciliator whose base is single women and nignogs (children) and whose promise is to never assert himself as a real male authority figure but rather to dismantle (white) male authority and replace it with female protection and empathy. Hence his political maneuvers, such as complaining about the unfairness of Fox News and accusing Republicans of saying “no” to him all the time, are the strategies of weaklings who seek to constrain through manipulation those who are naturally more aggressive. (The traditional newsroom bias was always an oblique form of this, as compared to overt political opposition which exposes one to attack–always a fear of the beta male.)

This guy is using the term “beta” the way we MRAs use “mangina”. Beta males are actually often quite useful human beings and are not automatically doormats.



November 19, 2009

Well. Two MRAs who I respect have told me that I went too far yesterday in saying that the man who killed his own teenage son for raping a three-year-old was a hero.

I will partly defend my assertion by pointing out what would have likely happened had this been left to the courts, especially if the judge had been female. The teen rapist would have likely been sentenced to “counseling” and perhaps a brief prison sentence on account of his youth and then set loose on the world to rape more toddlers. And pedophiles have a notoriously high rate of recidivism. When the legal system cannot be trusted to put violent criminals away, which patently it can’t, the temptation to take matters into one’s own hands is highly understandable. And while a feminized justice system continues to give useless therapy in lieu of punishment, more and more people will give in to that temptation.

(BTW: The number of children reporting sex abuse by women has risen an astonishing 132 percent in the last five years.)

However, now that I have cooled down, I will concede that perhaps I did speak too strongly in the executioner’s favor. Probably because I read too much about just how bad things are getting in America and Europe, thanks to feminists and other progressives. It becomes refreshing to read about a man with the testicles to by his own hand root out the evil in his own house. And that it is refreshing is itself a warning. We should be able to trust the courts enough not to think, “Thank goodness he didn’t get sentenced to therapy and turned loose!”

Now, a couple of links.

UPS executive commits suicide after rape charge. Here is a blog post from a personal friend of the man. In sum, seeing that his life was about to be ruined by a probably bogus rape charge, a man who had been a productive member of society took his own life.

Something more cheerful, from a workout blog:

The Issue Of Motivation

Why would I do this? Because this is what men have done since time immemorial, and I’m damn sure not going to let down the people who managed to spread their genetic material through random acts of manliness and brutality by acting like a total pussy.

I’m going to man the fuck up. I’m eating more, sleeping more, and still hitting the gym six times a day. Furthermore, I’m reading a book that is filling me with a desire to man the fuck up, and I highly recommend it, especially if you liked my deevolution blog.

Six times a *day*?

The book is Manthropology. Its author contends such things as that Neanderthal teenage girls could have beaten up Arnold Schwarzenegger. (Of course, Neanderthals had much denser bones than we do, so this may be true and no reflection on the Gubernator.) I think Dick Masterson would approve.

A much needed laugh

November 7, 2009

Had to work late today, even though I’m not all the way recovered, so I’m worn out. Plus, a couple of people said stupid things that annoyed me, which made me grouchy. So I turned to that wonderful male invention, the Internet, for distraction.

I had a sudden impulse to see if there was any factual information about Dick Masterson. I only occasionally stop by his site, because he has taken the basic fact – that men are superior to women – and exaggerated it to a ludicrous degree. But he is often freaking hilarious, as in this post:

I was watching Lord of War the other day when I arrived at a frightening conclusion. Nicolas Cage is so manly that everyone can shut the fuck up. That’s why women hate him so much. Nicolas Cage knows no mercy or compassion and it’s obvious in every fucking move that he makes. That’s why his nose looks all fucking weird like that. Like Nero or something. Because he’s like an eagle that’s ten stories tall. He’s a wrecking ball with an indestructible spike welded to the side that makes it look like a cool three dimensional representation of the biological man sign.

The post concludes, “His feet are made of man ice.”

So while I was googling, and not finding anything about the man behind the site (I guess he has a Man Shield over his Man Data), I came across a petition to “stop” him!

Stop him from doing what? Running a website? Appearing on talk shows where homely women boo him? Does the petitioner imagine that anything Dick Masterson says is remotely likely to become political reality? Spending time “fighting” Dick Masterson is about as useful an investment of one’s time as opposing the Flat Earth Society.

But the petition is hilarious. First, the URL:

I’m pretty sure that was supposed to be “StopDick”.

The petitioner is anonymous. Here is the entire text of the petition:

If you dont no dick masterson I`ll compare you to him to man you most likely do know, Hitler. Like Hitler he is trying to turn a whole world against one group of people. He hates women. He says he don`t while he has on his website and i quote “Every Woman is a Cheating Whore”. He of coarse he makes no sense. He has a book AND a youtube AND as I said a website. He need to be stoped. Sign my petition and get him off of youtube.

The goal is to get 100,000 signatures. So far, they have… 45. The petition was initiated on August 14, 2008.

How men argue

November 2, 2009

I just got another comment on my post about Gandhi. I made that post more than a year ago and it still gets comments.

All the comments are from men who know more about the history of India than I do. They offer historical facts and are courteous in their disagreement.

Contrast that with the feminists who stop by and say, “OMG you are such a hypocrite when if it weren’t for feminism you wouldn’t be allowed to run your belligerent mouth on a blog!”

If feminists want to be respected (a dubious proposition, but for the sake of argument), among other things they will have to learn to argue the male way, by offering facts (rather than propagandistic lies) and refraining from stupid insults. I have yet to receive an intelligent comment here from any feminist.

Link dump

October 23, 2009

Putting girls in their place

This PUA post is about why alpha males are the only ones who can really keep women’s behavior in civilized bounds. Beta males and other women can’t do it.

This makes it all the more important for desirable males to whip girls into shape whenever they get out of control. First, they are less likely to call acceptable acts “misbehavior” because they aren’t competing with the girl, aren’t bitter or resentful — they have enough choices that one girl isn’t a drop in the bucket — and have no genetic stake in how she behaves. Ideally this would be her boyfriend or husband, but even they may not step up enough because they’ll incur a higher cost in the form of a potential strain on the relationship’s harmony.

Women’s suffrage over time By John R. Lott, Jr.

He’s the guy who wrote Freedomnomics, in which he demonstrated how allowing women to vote causes the expansion of government.

Every Feminist’s Nightmare?

Rumor has it that when Professor Walter Block presented a lecture at Loyola College recently in which he argued that free-market competition diminishes rather than exacerbates the male/female “wage gap” the entire College administration, and the majority of the economics department, collectively swooned. There are even reports that they all collapsed simultaneously on the same swooning couch.

The Socratic Ideal of Student-Teacher Sex

A feminist idealizes cougar teachers molesting boys:

But I envy the relationship those Greeks had, back when terms like “statutory rape” didn’t exist. It strikes me as so perfectly symbiotic: The beautiful blank slate of a student takes knowledge from his wise and wizened mentor, and in exchange gives the joy of fresh enthusiasm. And sex. I won’t be so flip as to ask “What’s wrong with that?” (Obviously, there are many unpleasant examples of the Socrates figure taking advantage of someone vulnerable and non-consenting.) But I will say that, in its idealized form, doesn’t that sound kind of nice?

The True Horror in Hitchcock Films

San Francisco’s actual Chief of Police now is an affirmative-action diminutive Chinese-American female from the accounting department who is the laughingstock of the police force. The rate of unresolved murder cases in San Francisco is so high that the city has tried, unsuccessfully, to solicit help by offering $100,000 rewards to people who would come forward with information.

At a loss, the city’s leaders elected what else but a transgender person, Theresa Sparks, as President of the San Francisco Police Commission. Mr./Ms. Sparks’ qualifications for the job consist in his/her managing a vibrator company which was recently running a special under the slogan, “August is Anal Sex Month; 15% off select Anal Toys.”

To bolster this team with some serious dose of law-enforcing testosterone, San Francisco got itself a female District Attorney who bestows additional glory on the city by being half Tamil-Indian and half-black. Kamala Davis Harris refuses to seek the death penalty for murder, which is the law of the land, plea-bargains murder cases, and fails to prosecute criminals arrested with firearms. San Francisco police officers take a dim view of this, what with their own being murdered by criminals that the District Attorney has failed to prosecute. But the need to keep their jobs muzzles their mouths.

Of late, Ms. Davis Harris has made the news due to her office’s failure to prosecute Edwin Ramos, a vicious Mara Salvatrucha gangbanger and illegal Honduran alien, who had been arrested on illegal gun possession charges, and then released instead of being at the least deported. One month later Mr. Ramos would be arrested for the murder of Tony Bologna, 48, and his sons, Michael, 20, and Matthew, 16. The murder weapon has since been linked to two other murders.

San Francisco’s metrosexual mayor is given to utterances like, “You know we’re the only city — I think we’re the only big city in America … there may be an exception or two … that women are running the Police Department, Fire Department and our emergency services. That’s why I feel so safe.”

Women once again demonstrate that they can’t be trusted with responsibility for other people. Allowing women to play at being police officers or D.A.’s is murdering the citizens of the city these women are messing around in.

A Surplus of Women Means Fewer Proposals and Shorter Skirts

Here’s something more positive: Edgar Rice Burroughs and Masculine Narrative

The reason for the anti-war movement

June 23, 2008

I just read a quote from some old novel about how a petty criminal became a moral person after serving in the army during the First World War. The experience taught him the value of courage and sacrifice and so on.

This was quoted on some blog with a bemused comment about the quaint point of view people had back then.

Then it occurred to me the real reason behind the anti-war movement. Anti-war nuts have made it clear that they are indifferent to human suffering and death; they clearly understand that the only way to prevent dictatorships from committing mass murder and torture is to go to war, but they don’t want to do it.

It’s because military service, whether it involves an actual war or not, is an experience that makes men out of boys. And men – real men – are a lethal threat to the totalitarian forces that are promoting feminism, as well as to feminists themselves. A silly woman who has been convinced by her professors that she is the equal of men isn’t going to be able to preserve this delusion when she is faced with men who have risked their lives, put themselves on the line for their comrades, and accepted the responsibility of taking another human life so that others may be spared.

(Women do take human lives, but for their own convenience rather than to save innocent lives, and they get a doctor, usually male, to do the dirty work while they’re unconscious, rather than doing it themselves.)

And real men are not going to turn all their rights, property, and responsibilities over to a government. They know that it’s their place to do things themselves. Only women and manginas will allow themselves to be taken over.

Thus the real motivation behind anti-war movements: it’s a practical way of preventing the male of the species from growing testicles.

May 8, 2008

Does Britain need more ‘manly men’?

British boys are suffering from a lack of masculine role models who exhibit old-fashioned values of bravery and resourcefulness, according to the historian Neil Oliver.

“Manly men… have been hunted to extinction in the British Isles,” claims Mr Oliver, who regrets the decline of the “stiff upper lip” among today’s boys.

He has written a book , Amazing Tales for Making Men Out of Boys, which revives historic acts of bravery from the Battle of Thermopylae to Robert F Scott’s expedition to the South Pole.