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Sexual Utopia in Power

March 15, 2008

I’ve added an essay to my links that I urge you all to read: Sexual Utopia in Power.

PUAs will be interested in the discussion of the female sexual fantasy. While the male fantasy is plenty of readily available partners with little effort – think James Bond – the female fantasy is to mate with the alpha male. Without the patriarchal monogamous system, which compels most people to settle for one partner of roughly equal value to themselves, the natural social form is the harem: 5% of the men have sex with 95% of the women. This is what feminism has done for women: allowed them to join harems! And the fact is, left to themselves, most women would rather share an alpha male with a lot of other women than have a lower status male all to themselves. Of course, the female ideal is for the alpha male to forsake all others for her, but that seldom happens outside of romance novels.

The essay reports that not only is the marriage strike slowly increasing, but young men in college – at the height of their hormones – are not asking women out. They know what risks they run if they do.

The author also recommends that men refuse to give women babies unless those women vow, in a legally binding commitment, to love, honor and obey them. In this era when sperm donors have been sued for child support, this is only sensible.

My favorite bit was when he suggested reviving the “shotgun marriage” when unmarried young people have fornicated, but with the shotgun at the woman’s back, not the man’s. Sounds like a good idea to me.