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Dictatorships love feminism

March 15, 2008

Women in Nazi Germany

What was the position of women in Nazi Germany? How did it compare with their status under the Weimar Republic? What about education, work, family, that sort of thing?


Thank you for your fascinating questions. I will try to answer them as fully as possible, in the form of comparing one set of circumstances with another.

Under the Wilma Republic, women were able to vote; under the Nazis, nobody was able to vote.

Under Weimar, women’s education was very poor; under the Nazis, it was very good.

From 1929 to 1933, following the Great Depression, women were forced to become the main breadwinners; from 1933, it was possible for the man to support his wife on his own wage alone.

Under Weimar, abortion was legal; under the Nazis, it was outlawed. Under Weimar, birth control was encouraged; under the Nazis, a drive for motherhood was introduced.

Women played a full role in the Nazi Party from an early period. As early as 1928, the leader of the largest feminist organisation in Germany asked Hitler for permission to be incorporated into the Nazi Party.

Guida Diehl, Lydia Gottschewski and Gertrud Scholtz-Klink were the three most important women Nazi leaders. They controlled the destinies of millions of German women.

Hanna Reitsch was one of the top German test pilots and many women scientists worked on vital projects for the Nazi regime. Sadly, many women were also among the cruellest of the concentration camp guards.

Overall, the position of women improved under the Nazis, however much it sticks in the throat to admit it. This was particularly true in the field of education.

It was also under the fascist Perons that Argentine women got the vote. Dictators love feminism because they know women are more easily manipulated and/or frightened than men.

In fact, the only people who benefit from feminism are: career-minded lesbians who unlike me don’t mind that their girlfriends dump them at the drop of a hat (because feminism erodes the capacity for any kind of commitment, even in platonic friendships, let alone romance), and aspiring dictators.