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I told you so.

August 7, 2009

I was looking for something on this blog, and what should I discover but a post I made about one year and one month ago:

What Must Be Done.

But Western civilization is currently on a course of self-destruction. We’ve lowered our own birth rate (that bit is thanks to feminism, of course), destroyed our own schools, and are in various stages of destroying our economies by implementing, a little at a time, the same policies that were so disastrous in Russia back in the 20th. You know, the ones that caused it to fall from one of the two most powerful nations in the world to a backwater nobody cares about in the space of about five minutes. At the same time, we’re busily encouraging Muslims to move into our countries (the ones they’ve been eyeing with dreams of conquest for centuries), live on our taxes, change our laws, and commit all the violent crimes they feel like. No, this can’t go on forever. Things will hit the fan sooner or later.

I knew our economy was in trouble, but I didn’t expect such a spectacular demonstration so soon. It’s limped on, crippled by socialist measures, for decades, so I figured it could keep doing so for a while. Of course, that was because I didn’t know about some of the worst mischief Democrats were up to, as my attention was elsewhere. No one can keep track of everything.

Things are going to get worse. The alien-in-chief is taking the opportunity to wreck our economy even further, and terrorist attacks will resume. Interesting fucking times.

No, the present system won’t last, and we’ll almost certainly see it collapse within our lifetimes. The only way that won’t happen is if liberals suddenly back off and become more moderate for a while, lulling the rest of us into a false sense of security by allowing society to function, barely, instead of crushing it completely. I think they’re too high on the stunt they pulled last November for that to happen, though.

So the important matter is, seeing to it that the society that is built on the ruins of the current one is a good one. Feminism will die completely and won’t be heard of again for centuries, of course, so the question is, will we have a sane patriarchy such as the West had for thousands of years, in which women were well treated and respected (and deserving of respect), or will we have the kind of brutal patriarchy that the Third World countries liberals admire so much practice? (In feminist societies, like the one we are living in, women are treated like shit when we’re not being given unearned privileges and indulgences.) Considering how many of these Third Worlders we’ve been importing….