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March 6, 2009

First, Roissy has pointed out another reason that mix-and-match families are bad: if a man marries a woman, or shacks up with a woman, who already has some kids, and then has more kids with her, the ones she already had will be bigger than his kids and will beat up on them. One more reason that children belong with their fathers, not their mothers. And that breaking up families and choosing new partners at whim is a bad idea.

Second, here’s a couple of links of interest:

Petite Cops

Why do we have “diminutive” lady cops anyway?

Diminutive Lady Cops And The SPLC

One of the leading decisions in the SPLC’s campaign against common sense was the abolition of “Strength/physical fitness tests and requirements” for police officers in Dothard v. Rawlinson (1977).

The SPLC supported the 5′3″, 115 lb, Dianne Rawlinson in her attempt to become a correctional employee in Alabama:

“At trial, the Law Center argued that the height and weight requirements had no actual relationship to the job requirements, and 33% of women would be excluded from employment as prison guards and state troopers by the statutory height requirements and 22% by the minimum weight requirements.”

How horrifying can it get? I know from personal experience that women cannot effectively police a room full of six-year-olds, and they’re letting them be cops??


Aspiring policewoman gets three second chances

June 25, 2008

Oakland official’s daughter taking 4th shot at police training

When the Oakland Police Department launches its latest training academy at the end of this month, one of the fresh-faced recruits will be a familiar one.

Erin Breckenridge, the 24-year-old daughter of Oakland City Administrator Deborah Edgerly, is scheduled to make an unprecedented fourth attempt at completing the 24-week academic and physical training program.

She has failed to complete the training requirements in two academies and walked out of a third after just one day — while managing to keep a job with the department since her first try more than two years ago.

Her work in personnel, bookkeeping and recruiting and her repeated attempts to become a sworn officer smack of nepotism, given her mother’s position as the city’s highest-ranking nonelected official, and has created considerable resentment toward both of them among the rank and file….

If that’s the word, then it must have come from Edgerly, who has stepped in to question the department’s training methods and suggested making changes on more than one occasion.

After Breckenridge’s second attempt failed, Edgerly questioned whether it was fair to require women to scale a 6-foot-high wall, and the requirement was dropped for men and women.

This time around, the department has chosen to eliminate its traditional physical training weekend, which is usually held the second week of the academy. Officially, it’s described as a physical, two-hour experience designed to promote teamwork and team building.

But for the past 18 years, it’s been the department’s gut-check weekend for recruits, a test of personal will and motivation and desire to do the job. It is widely regarded by most officers as a rite of passage into the brotherhood in blue. Tucker said the weekend was canceled after consultations with police training experts and a physician who questioned its value as a training tool….

“Yeah, she left that one day, but it was because she’d been harassed and hazed,” Tucker said, referring to last month’s academy class. “She was embarrassed. She’s not the story. It’s the old-fashioned practices of the OPD.”

Whether or not that is the case, after interviews with nearly a dozen sworn officers in patrol, investigations and the academy, there is no doubt that the extended efforts to get Breckenridge hired have taken a toll on officer morale.

Training officers who worked with Breckenridge said she has twice not been strong enough to complete a test that requires recruits to hold a tension bar that simulates handcuffing an unwilling suspect….

One officer called it “a slap in the face.” Another said, “Why not just give her a badge and a gun and make her a captain already and just let us do our jobs.”

Hey, who cares about the citizens (whose taxes pay her salary) whose lives will be put at risk because she can’t do what the job requires? Who cares about the morale of those who have worked for the job instead of having the right mother who could pull strings for them? What matters is that this bimbo’s whim to play policewoman gets fulfilled, no matter how many other people have to suffer for it.

The bimbo’s mother, Oakland City Administrator Deborah Edgerly, also got her nephew a city job repairing parking meters. The young man is now under arrest for membership in a criminal gang. Somehow, this parking meter repairman was able to post $50,000 in bail. Edgerly is now being investigated by the FBI.

This is what comes of allowing women to play at government and police.