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December 5, 2009

Killer With Low I.Q. Executed in Texas

Mr. Woods, 44, was convicted of raping and killing an 11-year-old girl in 1997….

Mr. Woods was convicted of killing his former girlfriend’s daughter. A jury determined he had abducted the 11-year-old girl, Sarah Patterson, along with her brother, Cody, from the family’s home in Granbury, Tex.. The girl was raped before her throat was slit. The boy was severely beaten and left for dead, but he survived.

Thank goodness enlightened modern divorce laws allow women to get their children away from their fathers and into the clutches of stepfathers!

Cheating wife cried rape in text message to husband after fit of guilt over affair

A wife who cried rape because she felt guilty about cheating on her husband in their home was spared jail yesterday.

Thank goodness whores today are free to wreck men’s lives with lies without fear of consequences to themselves!

Our children can’t hold a knife and fork. So what does UNESCO teach them?

Our schools are terrible, and have been for years – so terrible that even the authorities are beginning to admit it. But the teachers are right when they say that the real problem is in the home. And the problem of the home is actually the problem of an unhinged society that decided to try to change human nature. Women, it said, had to work outside the home to be fulfilled. Raising children was something that would just get done in the intervals between work and sleep.

This idea came from a wild, Leftist coven whose members long ago grew up and got rich. But it just happened to suit a lot of businesses which find women cheaper and more reliable than men, and so it took off. And it has done limitless damage. And it is time that it was reversed. And nobody will do anything.

But comfort yourselves. Children may not know how to handle cutlery, but if UNESCO has its way they will soon be instructed, from the age of five, in the joys of masturbation.

Thank goodness women are free to draw a paycheck for jobs they can’t do while their children grow up as Neanderthals because their mothers had more important things to do than civilize them!

“Step-parents abuse children to death more often”

In 35 years 258 children in Sweden were killed by their parents. 23 of them were ill treated to death. Stepchildren were more often killed by ill treatment than children who were killed by their biological parents, shows a new study from The University of Stockholm.

Relative danger

But Statistics Canada from 1974 to 1990 did contain relevant data.

Its figures showed that children under the age of two were at least one hundred times more likely to be killed by stepparents — particularly stepfathers — than by biological parents. “Of course,” Daly stresses, “most stepparents take to the task extremely well, and generally make loving substitute parents. The incidence of abuse is low.” Nonetheless, for stepparents the homicide rate comes out at about 600 per million parent-child groups living together, compared with just a handful for biological parents. Further examination of records in the United States and Britain revealed an increased risk for children with stepparents. Moreover, a closer look at the case histories reveals that while biological parents who kill their children are often severely depressed and, Daly and Wilson reported, “may even construe murder-suicide as a humane act of rescue,” stepparents who are homicidal “are rarely suicidal and typically manifest their antipathy to their victims in the relative brutality of their lethal acts.”

She got through 27 secretaries in TWO years and reduced staff to tears every day. Meet Labour’s ambassador for women at work

The whole article is pretty much summed up by the title, so let’s skip ahead to the hilarious photo:

Another picture, not from the article but conveying sound advice:


Rape as feminist political tool

December 1, 2009

Remember a few months back, I was theorizing about why feminists insist, despite considerable evidence to the contrary, that rape isn’t about sex? And the result, you’ll recall, was that I attracted a bunch of feminist trolls who were outraged, not that feminists are encouraging women to engage in reckless behavior that is likely to get them raped, but that I am stating that women should not do things like go to bad neighborhoods wearing skimpy outfits and get drunk or undress and get into bed with men they don’t want to have sex with.

I was just reading a comment thread with a bunch of people, mostly feminist women, were discussing some TV show in which a woman got raped. (I’m keeping this general because I don’t want any pingbacks or google searches to lead these harpies here. I get enough free publicity from feminists throwing tantrums about me on their blogs.) The show unambiguously depicted the rape as a bad thing and the rapist as a criminal, but these feminists were mad just because the show existed. That is, they kept shrieking that the show didn’t state explicitly enough that rape is bad, even though the rapist was depicted as a thoroughly evil scumbag who kicked puppies and pulled the wings off flies and the victim was a saint who joined protest marches and only ate dolphin-safe tuna.

This made me remember some feminist rants I’ve seen about female characters in superhero comic books getting killed. It seems reasonable enough that people who put on spandex and fight crime will occasionally get killed; remember, it happened to Robin about 20 years ago, and he had a penis! And so will their girlfriends and wives and bowling partners, etc. Now, some of these rants do have a point. One of them showed a scan of a page from some comic book where the murdered superheroine was drawn in a sexy looking pose, which, considering that she was bloodily dead, was pretty yucky. But they seem angry that it happens at all. Woman in a dangerous profession gets killed = the author hates women.

(Only the safety of Western society, which feminists are working hard to eradicate, can make anyone sufficiently unaware of how dangerous life is that they can come up with such ludicrous notions.)

In the thread about the TV show, though, somebody who was reciting the usual bullshit about how “this is a rape culture” and “rape is the patriarchy’s enforcer” suddenly made me realize what the real problem was. These feminists do not give a shit if any woman, fictional or real, gets raped. And the problem isn’t that rape and the murder of women isn’t depicted clearly enough as being a crime. That could not be clearer in movies and comic books and TV shows, and it was so long before feminism reared its exceedingly ugly head. They have another agenda, and as usual, it has nothing to do with women’s safety.

No, what they’re actually complaining about is that rape is being depicted as a mere crime. That’s not what they want. Then the bad man would go to jail and everything would be fine. To feminists, rape is a political tool. They want movies and TV shows to depict it, not as a crime by an individual, but as a symptom of a society that hates and oppresses women. They don’t want a story where a bad man commits a crime and is punished; they want a political manifesto about patriarchy thinly disguised as a story.

Western women are spoiled rotten, and as a result their demands become ever more vague and absurd.


November 19, 2009

Well. Two MRAs who I respect have told me that I went too far yesterday in saying that the man who killed his own teenage son for raping a three-year-old was a hero.

I will partly defend my assertion by pointing out what would have likely happened had this been left to the courts, especially if the judge had been female. The teen rapist would have likely been sentenced to “counseling” and perhaps a brief prison sentence on account of his youth and then set loose on the world to rape more toddlers. And pedophiles have a notoriously high rate of recidivism. When the legal system cannot be trusted to put violent criminals away, which patently it can’t, the temptation to take matters into one’s own hands is highly understandable. And while a feminized justice system continues to give useless therapy in lieu of punishment, more and more people will give in to that temptation.

(BTW: The number of children reporting sex abuse by women has risen an astonishing 132 percent in the last five years.)

However, now that I have cooled down, I will concede that perhaps I did speak too strongly in the executioner’s favor. Probably because I read too much about just how bad things are getting in America and Europe, thanks to feminists and other progressives. It becomes refreshing to read about a man with the testicles to by his own hand root out the evil in his own house. And that it is refreshing is itself a warning. We should be able to trust the courts enough not to think, “Thank goodness he didn’t get sentenced to therapy and turned loose!”

Now, a couple of links.

UPS executive commits suicide after rape charge. Here is a blog post from a personal friend of the man. In sum, seeing that his life was about to be ruined by a probably bogus rape charge, a man who had been a productive member of society took his own life.

Something more cheerful, from a workout blog:

The Issue Of Motivation

Why would I do this? Because this is what men have done since time immemorial, and I’m damn sure not going to let down the people who managed to spread their genetic material through random acts of manliness and brutality by acting like a total pussy.

I’m going to man the fuck up. I’m eating more, sleeping more, and still hitting the gym six times a day. Furthermore, I’m reading a book that is filling me with a desire to man the fuck up, and I highly recommend it, especially if you liked my deevolution blog.

Six times a *day*?

The book is Manthropology. Its author contends such things as that Neanderthal teenage girls could have beaten up Arnold Schwarzenegger. (Of course, Neanderthals had much denser bones than we do, so this may be true and no reflection on the Gubernator.) I think Dick Masterson would approve.

This is the point I was making this summer.

November 5, 2009

I’m feeling a bit better, as you can probably tell from the number of links I’ve posted tonight. (Alas, this means that overtime at the office for the next few days, catching up, is in the cards now.)

Ferdinand Bardamu has this excellent post, trying to talk some sense into the women who are endangered by feminist lies:

Sluttiness implies consent; or, how feminists encourage violence against women

Feminists will keep right on encouraging it. Feminists don’t give a damn if every woman on the planet gets gang-raped, so long as their agenda is furthered.

Another false rape accusation

October 26, 2009

Woman Recants 2007 Tale of Kidnap and Assault

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The young woman found in 2007 in a backwoods trailer in West Virginia, where she said she had been held captive and raped, recanted her story on Wednesday.

Housekeeping Post

October 1, 2009

After all, I believe that women should be housekeepers!

So, Roissy has echoed my recommendation that men film their sexual encounters to protect themselves from false rape accusations later. I wouldn’t be surprised if plenty of men who read neither Roissy’s blog nor mine noted that event and independently drew the same conclusion. Behold, the achievement of feminism: making women such untrustworthy backstabbers that men will not consort with them without the insurance of hard proof against the lies they expect women to tell.

Also: I’ve decided not to approve flame comments from feminists anymore, unless maybe I get one that’s especially amusing. It encourages them and wastes my time. I’m here to discuss matters with men who have freed themselves from feminist indoctrination, not to teach History 101 to silly females (or silly manginas). When their first two sentences prove that they’re idiots, I’m not going to go to their own blogs and read their rants about how terrible I am. Besides which, feminists – no, that’s not quite fair; liberals in general, of which feminists are a subgroup, have an incredible sense of entitlement. They have never bothered to acquaint themselves with the literature or history of the past five centuries, but expect me to summarize centuries of history – and recap points I have already made many times – to disprove their ludicrous assertions. I don’t have time to do what their high school history teachers couldn’t be bothered to do. I educated myself by reading a lot of very thick books. My trolls will have to do the same if they want to know what I’m talking about. I’ve even given them a handy start by linking piles of articles, essays and books in my sidebars that chronicle the particular aspect of history that concerns this blog.

My most recent trollette clearly doesn’t even know about the hate speech laws which now govern almost every Western nation, America being one of the few remaining exceptions. She doesn’t know what’s going on now, let alone what’s been going on for the last half millenium. Do I need to list truckloads of female authors, orators and activists from the past several centuries to prove to you men that it was not feminism that got women freedom of speech? No, because you’ve taken the trouble to study history on your own. I’ve had men dispute some of the details of my historical assertions, and they always provide specifics and often references. Women just recite rhetoric they got from some women’s magazine. They expect me to do all the work for them. Which is pretty much what evolution designed women to do: get others to work for them.

In addition, feminists have a really amazing all-or-nothing mentality. I say, “Women should not be allowed to use affirmative action or sex discrimination lawsuits to force their way into jobs they can’t do.” They hear, “It should be illegal for women to have any jobs whatsoever, plus their husbands should be allowed to beat them constantly.” Then again, feminists are a breed of liberal and liberals are the people whose brains transform “Willie Horton was a murderer and rapist and should be in prison” into “All black men are monsters! Put a white pillowcase on your head and let’s kill ’em all!”

So, yeah. Not worth my time. I told my most recent troll to provide names and dates supporting her claim that before feminism, women didn’t have freedom of speech if she wants another comment approved. I should have also demanded that she explain how Sojourner Truth, Carry Nation, Mary Wollstonecraft, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Abby Kelley Foster, Madame de Stael, Renee Vivien, Radclyffe Hall, Rebecca Protten, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Mary Baker Eddy, Mary Hunt, Elizabeth D. Golek, and many others could exist since they lived pre-feminism and therefore weren’t allowed to write or speak their minds.

Gosh, look at how many impressive women I can list. (I certainly don’t approve of everything all these women did, but the point is, they had things to say and they said them. And they weren’t even all privileged upper-class women.) I had to do some googling to find Rebecca Protten’s last name, but the rest I knew off the top of my head. I’ve noted before that some of the male chauvinist books I’ve reviewed give more credit to women who’ve made real accomplishments than do most feminist authors, who are more interested in whining about how downtrodden women are.


September 19, 2009

Forgot one thing I wanted to quote from the article about the false rape charge:

[Nassau DA Kathleen] Rice said Ndonye could be charged for filing a false report.

“She is a very troubled young woman in need of much help,” she said.

No. She is not troubled, she is a bad person. She is a liar and has no morals.

She does not need help, she needs punishment. I hope she spends some time in jail for trying to ruin these young men’s lives.

This is why women should never be allowed to wield any authority. Their reaction to criminal behavior is to “tend and befriend”, which is why they offer “help” to evil people. The day Saddam Hussein was executed, I heard some bimbo saying, “I never thought about him much before, but I feel so sorry for him!” How much pity do you think she had for the thousands of people he and his sons murdered, tortured, maimed, and raped? I’m guessing none.

So women don’t lie about rape, huh?

September 19, 2009

Feminists spit nails when you mention false rape accusations. That never happens, they insist. The evidence shows otherwise; it’s actually quite common.

Twisted motive behind rape story: Hofstra gal feared being branded a tramp after romp

Danmell Ndonye, 18, who had accused five men of gang rape, admitted the truth only when prosecutors confronted her after learning of a cellphone video that captured the whole sordid episode and showed she had willingly participated, officials said.

Guys, if any of you are still reckless enough to have sex with women, I suggest you follow this example and film it on your cell phone. Don’t tell her you’re doing it; you’ll need it for your own protection, just like some therapists have hidden cameras in their offices in case they get accused of molesting a patient.

Also, wear the strongest condoms you can buy. And throw them away yourself.

Feminists who make or defend false rape accusations make it harder for genuine rape victims to get justice; the lies make people increasingly skeptical about genuine charges.

Women have a "right" to get drunk

July 11, 2009

Commenter John gave me this link:

Revision of Oregon’s rape law heads to the governor’s office

HB 2343 will change Oregon law so it won’t matter how a rape victim became intoxicated and vulnerable to be attacked.

Under the current law, if a person is intoxicated and raped the suspect faces a less serious charge than if the suspect drugged the victim.

Sexual Assault Support Services in Eugene said the changes to the current law will help prevent future violence, protect sexual assault survivors and prosecute attackers.

“The way this law was before really supported that it was their choice to become intoxicated or drink alcohol. And it focused on the person that was intoxicated and not the person who assaulted the person under the influence,” said Elly Maloney.

So a woman who makes the choice to get plastered, without trusted friends nearby to protect her, is not responsible for this action.

So what about the man? What if he’s drunk? No doubt drunk men are responsible for their actions, while drunk women are not.

That reminded me of this article from a few years ago:

Free thongs for drunk teetering women

Catchy title, eh? Actually, the thongs in question are actually flip-flops.

DRUNK women are to be issued with free thongs by British police to stop them falling over in high-heeled shoes.
Officers will distribute the footwear outside nightclubs as part of a $70,000 publicly funded scheme to prevent “alcohol-related harm”.

The move has been prompted by fears that women wearing stilettos or similar footwear could twist or sprain an ankle on the way home after a night out.

Officials claim female revellers risk cutting the soles of their feet by walking home barefoot.

The thongs, called “flip-flops” in Britain, will be given to anyone whose own footwear is “uncomfortable, inappropriate or soiled” and will be paid for using a Government grant.

Yet again, grown women refuse to take any responsibility for themselves, and the taxpayer is supposed to foot the bill for someone to babysit them. Soon there’ll be legislation protecting women from hangovers.

Woman, 22, jailed for raping girls

County Court judge Michael Patrick Bourke said 22-year-old Alicia Storrie’s crimes against her victims, aged 12 to 15, were exploitative and damaging.

“This was…prolonged predatory and grooming behaviour against young and vulnerable girls,” he said.

Storrie, of Portland, pleaded guilty to 10 counts of sexual penetration of a child under 16 and five of performing an indecent act with a child under 16.

Link Dump

July 10, 2009

I just got back from the gym. In the locker room, I overheard a conversation that amused me. It was a few older women who were married to Korean War veterans. Their husbands, they related, say that despite getting shot at and having just enough money to live on, the years in the Army were the best time of their lives. Why? One of them summed it up: “No problems with women.” I was snickering into my locker.

Tough Love by Theodore Dalrymple (Everything this man has written is worth reading. Also seek out his essays under his real name, Anthony Daniels.)

Last week, a 17-year-old girl was admitted to my ward with such acute alcohol poisoning that she could scarcely breathe by her own unaided efforts, alcohol being a respiratory depressant. When finally she woke, 12 hours later, she told me that she had been a heavy drinker since the age of 12….

I asked her whether she thought a young and violent burglar would have proved much of a companion. She admitted that he wouldn’t, but said that he was the type she liked; besides which—in slight contradiction—all boys were the same.

I warned her as graphically as I could that she was already well down the slippery slope leading to poverty and misery—that, as I knew from the experience of untold patients, she would soon have a succession of possessive, exploitative, and violent boyfriends, unless she changed her life. I told her that in the past few days, I had seen two women patients who had had their heads rammed down the lavatory, one who had had her head smashed through a window and her throat cut on the shards of glass, one who had had her arm, jaw, and skull broken, and one who had been suspended by her ankles from a tenth-floor window to the tune of, “Die, you bitch!”

“I can look after myself,” said my 17-year-old.

“But men are stronger than women,” I said. “When it comes to violence, they are at an advantage.”

“That’s a sexist thing to say,” she replied.

A girl who had absorbed nothing at school had nevertheless absorbed the shibboleths of political correctness in general and of feminism in particular.

“But it’s a plain, straightforward, and inescapable fact,” I said.

“It’s sexist,” she reiterated firmly.

A stubborn refusal to face inconvenient facts, no matter how obvious, now pervades our attitude toward relations between the sexes. An ideological filter of wishful thinking strains out anything we’d prefer not to acknowledge about these eternally difficult and contested relations, with predictably disastrous results.

Evan shared this link with me, about a false rape accusation:

The story of prisoner F95488

Women tough on missteps of friends

Traditional views hold that women are more socially co-operative than men, but researchers from the Université du Québec à Montréal, Harvard University and Emmanuel College in Boston found female same-sex friendships are significantly less tolerant, more volatile, and likelier to degrade based on a single negative incident than male same-sex friendships.

Having had female friends, I can believe it. Hat tip: Davout.

Sacrificing our children

Regular readers will know that I disagree with a lot of this blogger’s beliefs, but this post is nonetheless valuable.

Some of my acquaintances seem to regard my concern as being alarmist, but look at this story about the fate of a young women with the typical high ideals.

The remarks of the young woman’s parents are also a textbook example of politically correct denial. Far better, apparently, to sacrifice your children than to think ill of anyone, at least, anyone from the world’s protected groups.

Another way in which many people deal with this kind of news story is to proclaim that it’s an anomaly; that most such young women don’t come to a violent end, or that in any case, it might just as easily have happened right here at home. The latter is the rationalization of the bereaved parents in the above story.

But her fate was not exactly a freakish, one-in-a-million occurrence, as similar stories show.
And if the comments following the above-linked article are still there (they may not necessarily be), you will see that a few other young women state that they were assaulted during their volunteer stints in such countries.

I have a lot more links that I’ve accumulated, but I don’t want to overwhelm you guys, so I’ll keep posting a few a day until they’re all posted.