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October 26, 2009

I just watched the newest episode of Dexter. Rita just found out that he still has his apartment from before they were married. She and Deb are acting like they just caught him molesting children or stealing from old people or something.

There was an essay at the Spearhead a few days ago about how men need their “caves”, private space of their own, and how most women can’t understand this and insist on intruding. My grandfather died ten years ago and his wife and daughter are still complaining about him retreating to his mancave. It was in his mancave that he did the work that provided for them, but that doesn’t seem to matter. I doubt they even understand that.

Being Dexter, he doesn’t know how to deal with this. Most men these days who haven’t studied Roissy and Mystery et al wouldn’t. He’s responding by trying to supplicate, just what PUAs urge men not to do. Is the message here that women can hold a serial killer by the balls and prevail? Just what the sicko women who fall in love with guys on death row need to be told.

Rita told Dexter to sleep in his apartment that night – not, you know, in the house he bought for her and the kids – and if he wanted to stay married, they were going to have to “do some serious work” on their marriage.

This stupid bimbo has had two disastrous marriages and has spent years struggling to support and care for her children. Now she’s married to a guy who is always there to take care of everything, who is able to support her and her kids in a comfortable fashion for the first time in their lives, who doesn’t hit her or the kids, and she’s pissed because he needs a little bit of time on his own? A man doesn’t have to be a serial killer to need his own space.

I really wanted him to say, “I’m sleeping in the house I paid for tonight. If you have a problem with me keeping my apartment, you can move back into your old three-room house and get a crummy job like the one you had before I married you.”

But of course, he couldn’t, and we all know what the courts would have done if he had tried to hold onto his own property like that.


Degrading commercials

July 30, 2009

I suppose it might seem ironic to feminists, but I hate commercials that demean women. I just saw a diet yogurt commercial that had some chick gracelessly slurping down a cup of yogurt, leaving a bunch of the stuff on her mouth. I think the commercial was trying to make a kind of “bukkake” vibe. Which was pretty dumb, since it’s women who are mostly going to buy low-fat yogurt, and how many women find bukkake appealing? It’s a male kink.

A couple of years ago, there was a commercial for appliances or something that had a bunch of models cuddling floors and refrigerators in an explicitly sexual way. What was that about? Just freaky.

And there was a shampoo commercial where a woman went into the bathroom on an airplane, where she shampooed her hair and enjoyed it so much that she made loud orgasm noises that could be heard all over the plane. If I had ever used that brand, I would never buy it again.

I denounce women who act like whores because I want women to be worthy of respect. And of mating with. But if women behave like whores, they are going, to their apparent surprise, to be treated like whores. In the bad old days of patriarchy, no disgusting commercial like that would ever have been made. Clairol barely got away with “Does she or doesn’t she?” Nowadays, women are “liberated”… from being treated with respect.

Whiskey’s Place

July 1, 2009

Whiskey’s Place has two good posts today.

Advertising’s View of Husbands

Whiskey’s discussed this issue before. Encouragingly, it turns out that a lot of women hate the ads that depict men as morons. “If you want to sell stuff to me, don’t tell me the man I married is an idiot!” they say. “That’s an insult to my judgment!” It warms my heart to be able to say something good about women for a change.

One of the commercials posted is about an overly elaborate wedding, incidentally.

Sandra Tsing Loh and The State of Marriage

But the better earnings, status, social conditions, and opportunities afforded women have not come without a cost, all across the West. If women are hard-wired to be hypergamous, i.e. desire men of greater power and status than themselves, this would make “kitchen bitches” irrelevant and explain our brave new world of single mothers, rotating bad boys, and disdain, shown over and over again, for fatherhood and men who embrace it. It would also explain the success of the institution of marriage in the only class that still sustains it: high powered men making millions every year and women who work only part-time in jobs that pay little but give prestige, i.e. the Non Governmental Organizations, the NGOs, like Greenpeace or Amnesty International or Heal the Bay.

In “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” it was eerie how the literally empowered women treated men. Written by avowed feminist Joss Whedon, Buffy and her super-powered female friends pursued, non-stop, dangerous bad boys with superpowers, who were their superiors. Character, morality, and duty meant nothing, only the thrill of violent, dangerous, super-powered men. Perhaps the most illustrative moment came when Buffy’s second vampire boyfriend, “Spike” raped her, and she fell in love with him and (implied off-screen sex) with him again. [Star Sarah Michelle Gellar hated that particular storyline and feuded with series creator and show-runner Whedon over it.]

Interesting. A while back, I came across an essay by a Buffy fan arguing that the series was anti-male. And these essays were by women who were apparently feminists!